Mama-Hood Monday Vol. 3

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When we started telling people that we were expecting one of the first things people would say is “you will never sleep again!” not really the greatest thing to hear when I already felt exhausted constantly and was also forcing myself to eat everyday while combating never-ending morning sickness.

I will be real and tell you sleep does come in small amounts when baby first arrives, but the good news is that it does not last forever; Your baby will eventually sleep through the night as will you.

A great piece of advise that I heard when I was still up a lot at night was this, All new parents are exhausted but try not to think of that time, in the middle of the night, with your baby as a negative, cherish it. The rest of the world is quite and that time of night when your baby needs you, it is just you two – those are special moments that you will never get back.

I will be the first to tell you that babies don’t keep! They grow and change everyday and truthfully you will sometimes miss them needing you as much as they once did – I definitely do with my little love bug!

With that being said I did research a lot about sleep routines before I had my daughter and lucky it all paid off around the 5 month mark (please remember to take everything I say with a grain of salt as this was just my experience as a new mom)

Starting at around a month of age I began doing a night time routine with my daughter. We would change into out PJ’s, put on some soft music at a low volume, dim the lights and read for 5-10 minutes. I would put her down when she was sleepy, but not asleep, and if needed she would get a pacifier. (These are her favorite) Now I am not saying this is magic, some nights she was like, hell no, I’m ready to talk and kick and be silly. (Totally adorable, but when you are sleep deprived, not so much) But I do also think that consistency with this is key. We have only veered from this several times (like when we drove from CO to CA when she was 2 months old) and guess what – she slept horribly those nights! Routines can definitely get old for adults, but for babies they are comforting and help them learn what you want them / need them to be doing.

Below are links to a few products that really helped us, I would love to hear about what worked for you and your baby

Cozy Sleep Sacks

Rock n’ Play

Constellation Turtle Light

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

xoxo, Allison


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