If you are anything like me you have a true love for doilies and vintage linens. Growing up my mom always had a long doily on my dresser, and still sometimes has them out for different things. (that is probably were I get it from!) I thought of this idea when I saw all these different doilies at the thrift store. I always love all the different patters and colors, but since 2018 is the year of the purge I force myself to leave them behind unless I know exactly what I am using them for; and lucky me I thought of something!

Supplies needed:

-Doilies (I used around 12 and spent around 10 dollars for all my doilies. I also ended up cutting one in half

-Heat seaming (I used this)


-old towel (to place under your project so you don’t ruin your ironing board cover)

-Iron (also water for steam)


As you can tell all my doilies are different shapes sizes and colors, I preferred it this way, but you can always stick to one shape or size – that is the great thing about do it yourself it is whatever you want!


Next I did move the doilies around until I came up with a pattern that I liked. IMG_3973

Then i started “gluing” the doilies together with the heat stitch (make sure to have your old towel underneath!) IMG_3974

Make sure to read the label carefully as some heat stitch products do not need steam.IMG_3977

Let all the heat stitch cool and then lay it out and enjoy! (a little bit of a odd angle, but you get the idea 🙂 )


best salt and pepper shakers ever! They can be found a Target, the tray and milk glass are thrifted, and the plant is from Wal-Mart found on clearance IMG_3982

Let me know what you think of this DIY and also if you want more DIY posts.

I have you are having a great day wherever you are!



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