Mama-Hood Monday Vol 4



During this time of year it is everyone’s priority to try to not get sick, but when you are a new parent even more so! not only do you have this little person depending on you, but what if they get sick? Well in that case, you are in for a lot of learning experiences! (trying to keep it positive here! 🙂 )

Our daughter got her first cold when she was around 3 months and it was really hard. The most difficult part for me was not being able to communicate and tell her she is okay and will feel better soon – but fear not, like all unpleasant things, this too shall pass! In order to help all parents out there with a sick little one I thought I would share the things that helped our family feel better and get over being sick.

(please keep in mind these are things that helped us and I am no doctor, please don’t hesitate to contact yours with questions. There are no dumb questions, especially when it is regarding the health of your children!)


  1. Oil Defuser – We own two of these and they are wonderful! they also have a light that goes through all the colors and is super relaxing
  2. Eucalyptus oil to defuse – I purchased this set of oils as a stocking stuffer for my husband. Super affordable and includes the most popular oils, great for someone who is starting out with defusing.
  3. Vick’s VapoRub – We bought this as an obvious choice, but it honestly does help.  I will actually put it on the bottom of my feet as well as my daughters and put socks on before going to bed. I think this works even better than putting it on your chest.
  4. Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer – Ordered a two pack of these and I LOVE them! I am not a fan of regular hand sanitizer as I hate how dry it makes my hands, but this stuff does not have that effect of my skin and it smells so good.
  5. Teething Toy Cow – Found this little lady on super clearance at the grocery store and Ro loves it! Sometimes toys can be a great distraction for sick babies, especially when they squeak like this one!
  6. Nasal aspirator – You can find them here, at the grocery store or even at the dollar store. Babies can’t blow their noses so as a parent you get the wonderful task of sucking it out. (I know you are jumping for joy after reading that…) As gross as it can be, it is much-needed relief for your little one.
  7. Car Ride – This might sound a little crazy, but when our daughter first got sick she would sleep of an hour or so then wake up screaming because she felt so bad. My amazing husband had a wonderful idea of taking her for a car ride to see if she would sleep longer and she did! A little over 3 hours (this does not sound like much but belive me when I say that 3 hours is a gift from the gods when you have been up all night with a screaming child.)

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for comforting baby when sick in the comments below. I hope you are having a great day wherever you are.





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