MamaHood Monday Vol 5

As a new mom you really have no idea what things will be a saving grace in certain situations, nighttime included! For this weeks MamaHood Monday I thought I would share five of my favorite night-time items for baby.

Wearable Blankets Being a new mom means that you also get overloaded with information and advice, part of this being how baby should be sleeping and in what, with or without a blanket. The blanket/swaddled thing always really freaked me out so a wearable blanket was where it was at for me, and Ro is still sleeping in them every night! I love these, but if you want  a more affordable option I always suggest checking out the thrift store first!

Sleep Sacks – These are so great! Since we live in Colorado the winter nights can get really cold, so one of these with long socks, or with a wearable blanket over is perfect. Ro stays cozy, but never gets too hot. I love the long-sleeved ones found here (I also see these at the thrift store a lot as well)

Oil Diffuser – I have talked about oil diffusers before, and they really are so wonderful! At night putting lavender oil in them; it really makes all the difference in how not only the baby sleeps, but also my husband and I. We ordered this one and I love that is lasts so long and the colors change 🙂

Night light – I know this one seems pretty obvious, but when we brought baby home, we did not even have one night-light! now we have them all over! We bought this exact one and I love it because it has sensors and turns on and off automatically based on the surrounding light.

Crib Mobile – This also may be something that a lot people buy right away, but we did not as my thought was it is cute, but not necessary. Well, I will admit that it is not required, it does really help calm the baby and almost hypnotize her to sleep. (this goes back to my nighttime routine post about putting baby down drowsy but not asleep found here) We bought one similar to this and it looks so cute in her room (nursery photos coming soon)

I hope you liked this Top 5, I would love to hear any holy grail items you have for baby – have a great day wherever you are!



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