I have never met a single person that hates to travel – flying or getting there maybe – but never actually experiencing their destination. Right out of college and early in our marriage I worked for a large hotel chain that had great perks for staying at different properties around the globe. At that time it was also just the two of us (no baby yet)  so saying that we took full advantage would be a understatement. We took “weekend” trips all of the time and I wanted to share how we make the most of each trip together.

  • this is the most important in my opinion – you cannot control everything when it comes to traveling so you have the opportunity to makes things an adventure or an ordeal. When I first heard that I was blown away! what a great way to look at it; and ever since then I have chosen the adventure – like that time we almost ran out of gas and were lost in Klohn Germany! (a story for another time)


New York

  • Make weekends count – We do always try to leave on a Thursday night and come back Sunday, or leave early Saturday morning and come back Monday. This way we feel like we get a full two days to experience our destination.



  • Stay away from tourist destinations! – this tip may not work for everyone but we personally hate the “herding of people” as we call it, at tourist destinations. For my husband and I it is much more of an authentic experience to go where the locals are and experience the city in a genuine way (this does include talking to people who live there! omg!)


  • Get out of your comfort zone – for me personally travel is about not only discovering new things, but also learning about myself. I do try to push myself to get out of my comfort zone, my husband helps me a lot with this too! Sometimes it is hard as an adult to try new things, but Jerrod and I both want amazing stories to reminisce with each other, to tell our kids and even grandkids, so why not?!


Colorado Springs

  • Don’t pre-plan your days – this, like number 3, may also not work for everyone, but for us it is the best way to enjoy a city and make the most of our time. We do always make an effort to rise at a reasonable time (no later than 8 – I know some of you are having a heart attack right now with my saying that is resonable! lol), but we just talk about things over breakfast and whatever we are feeling like that day we go and do. We are morning people and do turn in pretty early so we are rarely in the hotel room during the day.


Long Beach, CA

What places are on your list to visit?

hope you are having a great day wherever you are!




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