MamaHood Monday Vol 6

MamaHood Monday Vol 6

Baby showers can be a really great time, and we were VERY fortunate to have one and receive many things from all of our loved ones, but, and this is a big but, there are things that no one talks about when it comes to planning and having the baby shower that you might want to know if you are a first time mama.

  1. hardly anyone follows the registry – so sad, a little frustrating, but 100% true. As a first time parent you do count on some gifts being necessary items for your little one, but the truth is that 99% of your guests want to buy baby clothes instead. Now don’t take this the wrong way, receiving anything for your baby is a huge blessing as your friends and family are not required to do this; but it can be frustrating when you spent hours creating the registry and researching products.
  2. You might be disappointed by the people who do / do not show up – I know this sounds odd, but I had several people that were not able to make it to my shower and it really bummed me out. On the other hand you might have people that you have to invite, but do not want too (luckily I did not experience this one!)
  3. If you play games you need a cheerleader – A lot of people are not comfortable going up to a stranger and starting a conversation so if you have games that require people to interact have a cheerleader to encourage guests, break the ice and keep the games going.
  4. Showers can be expensive and time-consuming – This is totally obvious and I am sure that if you are ready this you are saying “i already knew that” Well as with many things that involve emotions (example: weddings) people can get totally carried away spending time and money. I always say the same thing to people who are getting married or having a baby, this is about you and your spouse / baby(ies) so do not do anything you don’t want to; and also, the dollar tree is your best friend 🙂
  5. You might want to return things and that is okay – I will admit that I did not return a single thing from my baby shower and I did regret it. Once again I appreciated everything that we received, but I do wish that the clothes I was not in love with, or what-have-you I would have returned and put the money towards bigger items that we really needed. (bottles, formula, newborn clothing, breastfeeding pillows) the list is long…Even after our baby shower and the larger gifts we received from close family (crib, rocker, etc.) we still spent around $600 on other random items. (Please do not feel like you need to spend the same, there are things that I bought that we never used, but as a new parent you have no idea what you need until that baby arrives)

I would love to hear about your thoughts, mom or not. hope you are having a great day wherever you are




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