2018 House Purge : My Closet / Office

Oh lord, even looking at these photos make me anxious! I have definitely kept too much for too long, and as I have said time and time again 2018 is the year of the purge for our household (for me really because I am the one that holds on to everything!)

In order to keep myself accountable I am documenting my journey to a clutter free home. I wanted to start in my closet because this room is like a black whole and catch all for things that we don’t want to put away but want out of sight – THE MADNESS NEEDS TO END!

My main addiction is definitely shoes – as if you can’t tell in that last photo! I just love em’ and you will always fit into your shoes (I have used this excuse to keep them in the past) but in being honest with myself how many pairs do I really need or wear? I had to have my husband sit with me and go through all of them and encourage me to get rid of more than I would have alone and it was empowering! I probably let go over over 20 pairs (don’t judge me) and some were like new! I still have quite a bit of work to do until it is how I want it and I will definitely share photos along the way. It is hard to get started but once you are in it it becomes a little, dare I say it, fun!?

What is your biggest project to tackle in 2018?

Thanks for reading



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