MamaHood Monday Vol 8

If you are anything like my husband and I our two dogs were our children before we had our daughter, and they still are so I consider myself a mother of three, not one 🤪 Also like us, if you are a dog parent and also expecting or have a little one you probably also have fears regarding your fur children and your human children. I have to say my husband was a lot more concerned than I was, not for any reason in particular, but just like people each dog has a dog different personality and can react different to each situation. (Our younger dog in most the pictures above was Jerrod’s main concern because he is my dog (jealousy issues), but he has become Ro’s main protector and buddy) So all this being said we went in search of some tips to help our pups cope with the big change.

First things first all the baby stuff you get before the little one arrives is very exciting for your pup! We let the dogs go crazy sniffing all the stuff (and washed everything afterwards of course) this gets them somewhat accustomed to the new smells and gear that comes with a new baby. We never discouraged them from being curious, only if they tried to steal things 😅

Some people said to play recording of crying newborns before you deliver too but we never did this. I personally didn’t want to because I thought it would cause more confusion for the dogs rather than prepare them.

This is the big one that I recommend to a lot of people – if possible before the baby is brought home have your spouse or someone take something that has been on the baby (a hat, a blanket, booties, etc.) home and rub it on the dogs beds, and leave it there. this can help your dogs associate the smell of a new baby with something positive and comforting – like their bed!

Last but not least, never discourage your dog from being curious about baby, and never leave them unattended. In the beginning we would carefully watch our dogs with the baby and after a good interaction we would praise them (treats, or just lots of love) This being said, also never force an interaction between your dog and your baby, sometimes it takes a while for everyone to get used to the new dynamic even the dogs might need time and space.

I would love to hear about the positive interactions your little ones have with your dogs; hope you are having a great day wherever you are 🙂


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