DIY : Banister Update – Part 1

We have lived in our home going on three years, and while the bones are great, some parts need some upgrading – case in point the banister. I loath light wood trim, cabinets, banisters… it just drives me crazy! I think it looks cheap and thrown together. Don’t get me wrong lighter wood can be beautiful, if done the right way, but in our home’s case the builder just put in the least expensive option possible. Since the time we moved in we both knew we wanted to rip out and replace the banister but the project kept getting put on the back burner as other things took priority. So here we are 3 years later with a banister still in horrible condition from the previous owners cats and no change in sight, so this DIY lady took matters into her own hands.

I did do quite a bit of research before even starting the project to see what the best course of action would be and I was a little disappointed that I did not find anything similar to our banister, so I did have to wing parts of it and honestly this DIY kicked my butt!

The first two photos below are of the banister before anything was done to it. Tons of scratches from the cats and additional wear and tear of the family with kids that previously owed the home.

These three photos below are after I wiped down and sanded the entire banister. This was a lengthy process and as you can imagine messy! In hindsight I wish I would have unscrewed all the “spindles” sanded them, prepped and painted them, but the reason I did not is because one, the entire thing our have collapsed so I would have had to do it in stages (finished one whole section, then start another) and also, it would have really freaked me out to not have a banister as all of the bedrooms are on floor two, and we do walk up and down the stairs with baby frequently.

As you can see in the last two photos I taped off for primer and then wiped everything with a damp cloth to remove any sawdust. The next part is where things got sticky, literally! Check back tomorrow for part 2, and my tips to make this project easier for you

Hope your having a great day!



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