MamaHood – New Mom advice

Our baby girl is turning 9 moths old tomorrow and I cannot believe it! All at once it seems like she was just born, but like she has also been with us forever. I don’t remember life before her, and I never want to experience new things without her. The love a mother feels for her children is truly unlike anything else.

With all this being said (and also since I missed this weeks MamaHood Monday – whoops!) I thought I would share some of the worst advice that I received as a new mom, and why I think it is so bad!

1. Don’t hold your baby too much, you will spoil them. When I was told this and even hearing it now makes me so mad! How on earth can you love a child too much? And also you have this little person that is used to being with you all the time so yes, they still want to be with you once they are born. Newborns cannot self sooth contrary to what the internet says so holding them and keeping them close is how we comfort them.

2. Sleep when the baby sleeps I hated hearing this because people make it seem like you have nothing else to do but put the baby down for a nap then grab some Z’s yourself. Um, no, that is not how it is. There are dishes, laundry, bills, and don’t forget your spouse and showering! Like anything else, there is not enough time in the day and for us it was important to not only catch some sleep but also keep the house tidy. I can live in more of a mess than my husband, but luckily he was able to take 2 weeks off to help when our little one arrived so I would do most of the baby duties and he would do most everything around the house.

3. If your first baby is good your next will be a terror I still get told this on almost a weekly basis and it drives me nuts. Our little one is a very calm and happy girl, don’t get me wrong she has her meltdowns, but we also take her everywhere so she is used to being out and about. People will see how laidback she is and the conversation always goes the same – is she your first? Oh, she is so calm. You know what they say, the next one will be a terror. (Insert me internally screaming here) I 1000% think that thought process is ridiculous. I think babies and children act based off of what our reactions and energies are. (Hippy Trippy, I know)

4. You have to start sleep training your baby ASAP! As I mentioned before newborns cannot self sooth and therefore you can’t sleep train them! (We were also given this advise from my doctor and all the nurses when we delivered) babies are meant to wake up at night and they are designed to eat every two to three hours in the beginning. Believe me Mama, I know it can be tiring but your little on needs you, and it will be over before you know if. Dare I say you might even miss it at some point! Bedtime routines are really great to start early (we started at one month) and by the time your baby is not needing to eat at night getting them asleep and keeping them asleep will be so much easier.

5. It is so important to breastfeed This one is something I hate hearing people say because I really struggled in this department. Like many of the women in my family I could not produce enough to keep Ro at a healthy weight so we switched to formula and she thrived! This was also super frustrating because my boobs got huge and there was nothing in them!!! I would have loved to breastfeed my daughter, but I had such guilt, frustration and lots of tears that I finally said screw it and it lifted so much weight off my shoulders! Breast is great, but for some women it is not a option, a fed baby is a happy baby 😍

What are other pieces of advice you have hear people give that drive you crazy?

Thanks for reading,



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