DIY BOHO basket with tassels

I am totally in a basket phase right now where I just can’t get enough! I am always looking for ways to store things especially now that Ro is getting older and there are lots of toys! This basket DIY is super simple and gives a old basket new life (with only spending a few bucks!)

For this DIY you will need




-spray paint (I used a dark metallic brown)

-hot glue gun

– scissors

This is my basket after a few coats of spray paint. I actually got this from my mom and one of the handles was broken and it was originally a light brown. Not a bad basket to begin with but a bit dated.

I first started with wrapping the handles then began to go around the rim. This can be tricky because the weaving is different heights so take your time and use your hot glue gun to hold everything in place.

Next I just continued around the edge until I had an even wrap job. I decided to also add a small amount of white rope an inch or so below and also down at the bottom. Then I liked the look of adding twine for more texture. I also wanted to add some tassels because why not! I have included photo instructions at the very end of this post on how to easily create you own.

Above is the finished project – pretty awesome right! Currently it houses all of Ro’s toys in our living room, but I am sure it will make rounds. See below for how to make a simple tassel.

Voila! So simple – what are some other DIY’s you guys want to see? Hope you are having a great day wherever you are



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