Skincare Favorites

Do not attempt to adjust your computer, you are seeing this correctly, a new blog post is finally up! I have been so MIA because a sickness hit me hard Sunday night and I am still fighting it today, but the good news is that the weekend is not far away and I am ready for some R&R and sunshine.

Since I am all for beauty on a budget I thought I would share my ride or die staples for skincare.

If you have read my blog before you have heard me rave about coconut oil and Burt’s Bees Baby lotion. Both of these are so great in the dry Colorado climate and also really help with my eczema.

Lush Dream Cream is ah-maz-ing! this can be more on the expensive side but it smells like a dream (see what I did there 😉 ) is natural and really works on dry skin.

Also from Lush, Silky Underwear! This may sound totally weird but this “dusting powder” is wonderful at helping those spots that are a little too close to one another not to chafe in the heat. I hate the smell of baby powder, and it has also been proven that it is not so great for you so this is a welcome alternative.

Next is this Lavender Body Oil that I original discovered through my sister as she bought it as a gift for our mom and I was a jelly belly (meaning jealous) I am obsessed with lavender and body / face oils so when I found it all I could think was “Someone take my money!” 🙂 but in all seriousness it is awesome and you don’t feel like a slippery fish when you’re done putting it on.

Finally we come to Apple Cider Vinegar. Odd choice for a skincare favorites I know but I really do love it! You can use it as a toner, to help with sunburns, and also can mix it with some masks (like this one that I did a review on in a previous post) I don’t mind the smell of vinegar and this is super affordable as well as easy to find. (insert high five here*)


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