MamaHood Monday Vol. 10

We all have bad days and babies are no exception. Whether it is gas, teething, exhaustion or just a bad mood here are a few of the things that Jerrod and I do to still have a great family day even if Ro is a not-so-happy baby.

  1. Eliminate the obvious – make sure baby is fed, changed and also comfortable. Comfortable can mean different things for different babies – but I always like to make sure her clothes are comfy, no tags a bugging her, and she can move freely; also that she is not too hot or cold.
  2. Don’t get frustrated! – Believe me when I say that I completely understanding how trying it can be to hear a baby cry and not be able to sooth said baby. I know that sometimes we can get flustered when the regular fixes don’t work, but we try our best no to get frustrated! I am a firm believer that babies can pick up on your emotions and will also mimic them, so stay positive, and if need be place the baby in a safe area and step away for a moment if you need a breather.
  3. Stay positive and talk to your little one – This works really well for me and Ro when she is having a hard time. Sometimes I just need to sit down and talk to her until I get a smile. Once I have her smiling we are usually able to play or give her a toy and “distract” her from her baby troubles.
  4. Pay attention to your partner – This one might sound a little odd, but it is very important to pay attention to your partner and know when to let them tap out if it becomes too much. This weekend I was in the garage working on a DIY baby gate (post coming soon) and I had the door cracked to hear Jerrod and the baby; after a certain point of Ro being fussy I could tell patience was wearing thin and I was time for mama to take a break from my project and for Jerrod to take a break for baby duty.

Everyone has different ways to make not-so-good days better and these are just a few of the things that work for us. (again, every baby is different so take my suggestions with a grain of salt 🙂 ) How do you improve a bad day for yourself or your kids?

happy Monday! – Allison


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