Currently Loving : My Favorite OPI reds

Red nail polish is such a classic. From a very young age I admired women with manicured nails is all shades of red and I partial think my passion for old Hollywood has to do with the red nails and lips! These days there are so many shades of red with so many undertones I thought I would share a free of my “ride or die” reds from the OPI brand.

My Chihuahua Bites (on the very left)- The red with a pink undertone, really love this for summer on fingers or toes

Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (second to the left) – hand down my favorite orange red! Looks so great anytime of year and the name is too cute

I STOP for Red – (third) the perfect classic red, very traditional with a pretty neutral undertone but wears beautifully.

Bastille My Heart – (last one on the right) such a gorgeous deep red. So pretty in the fall or winter – but it’s a free country, wear it whenever you want 😁

I am really trying to discover other great nail polish colors and brands, I would love to hear you favorite



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