12 Favorite Mama Moments

One year can seem like a lifetime, but as a mother it feels like it has gone by in the blink of an eye. Every day holds a new memory and experience and I constantly struggle between documenting everything I can, or just being completely present in the moment; for the most part I choose the latter. Motherhood is the most bittersweet thing in the world; you want them to stay young because you are their whole world, and they are your whole heart. But you also love to watch them grow and experience new things; you also look forward to all the adventures you will have in the future (but you also sometimes cry they are growing up too fast – totally guilty of this) it is the hardest, most wonderful thing in the entire world! Below are a few of my favorite moments during Rosalie’s first year

1. when she was put on my belly after being born and we snuggled for almost an hour! So blessed that Rosalie was healthy and no urgent care was needed. Those first minutes together were the best of my life.

2. her sleeping on my belly during rough nights – I really cherish this because now she is so big and mobile she has no interest in just laying with me (unless she is really tired!)

3. smiling at me for the first time – all I can say is this changes your life. Best.Thing.Ever

4. driving to California to see her great grandparents – this road trip was trying at times, but what a amazing memory!

5. Her first Halloween – 😍

6. Her first thanksgiving

7. Her first Christmas

8. Greeting her on the morning – Rosalie has slept in her own crib since around 4 1/2 or 5 months and greeting her in the morning is so wonderful. She is usually looking around and talking to herself, and you say good morning and she lights up. The most amazing way to start the day!

9. Taking baths in the big girl tub with all her toys – cuteness overload, and now that she is not confused by the water watching her play is so fun

10. Crawling – my parents just happened to be over the night she crawled for the first time and it was something we all really cherish

11. Getting in the pool for the first time – she is such a goof in the water and is just in heaven when she gets to be a little fish

12. Giving her baby messages, putting her in PJs, and reading to her each night – such a wonderful way to end the day and reading to her is so fun – she loves it and so do I 😁



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