MamaHood Monday – 12 Favorite things

Raising a human is the most difficult and amazing job in the world. To choose only 12 things I love about my little one was hard to do because even when I feel like I am loosing it I still love every moment! Read on to hear 12 things I love about my Rosie Bug 😍

1. Her laughter! Nothing is better in the whole entire world!

2. Her chit chat, excitement and intense enthusiasm for things

3. Her reaction to seeing her daddy – such a big smile that she reserves just for him – my heart melts a little everything I get to see it

4. The way she sleeps with her butt in the air – I guess I did this as a child as well, but it just cracks me up.

5. Her happiness every morning – she is such a happy child and wakes up everyday smiling and ready to play (but like all of us she does have some bad days)

6. The way she loves her fur brothers – now that she is mobile she is fascinated with the dogs, and she laughs at them all the time.

7. The way she sneaks food to the dogs – you can’t get the dogs to leave her alone when she is eating, and over the past week she tries to sneak them food. The dogs are so gentle with her it is sweet

8. The way she falls asleep with me on the weekend mornings

– like any normal person we don’t like to get up early on the weekends but Rosie is used to it. So if she wakes up around our normal time, I will get her a fresh diaper and then it is time to cuddle and snooze with momma for a hour or two. A little slice of heaven

9. Her love of reading – we have read before going to bed for almost every night since she was born. She loves the books and I get extra snuggle time – win win!

10. The way she initiates Pick a boo and never gets tired of it – now that she is able to grab a blanket and start the game it is a while new level of fun!

11. The way she stretches! She straightens her legs and pushes out her belly – cutest thing ever!

12. Her willingness to try anything – Rosalie is a cool customer and rarely dislikes anything that she tries. This can be food or and activity – she just wants to be where the action is

I cannot believe that she will be one in a little over a week, time moves so differently when you are a parent! I am sure by the time her birthday arrives this list will be completely different

Happy Monday,



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