12 Things – Life and Myself Since Motherhood

The moment you take a pregnancy test and you see those two little lines your life is forever different. You always imagine the kind of parent you will be, but as with many things in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned – sometimes they are better!

Since Rosalie is turning one this week I have been thinking about all wonderful ways life has changed and I have changed since motherhood and also some of my favorite things about being a mom – read on 😁

1. Since having a baby I have so much love to give! Love for my own mother and family, love for my husband who helped me create this little babes, and TONS of love for my baby. (I have love before but it is different since having a baby of my own)

2. My growing support and respect for other moms and women. Let’s be real, women are the most resilient, amazing creatures on earth and when we support each other amazing things can happen.

3 My ever lasting patience – this is a bit of a joke, but my patience before and after baby are drastically different. Rosalie has helped me grow is so many aspects of life 😘

4. Appreciation of time – Sadly we are not in a position (yet) for me to stay at home with Rosalie so our time together is very precious. That being said I am now much more aware of how my time is spent

5. I always have someone to cuddle with 😍

6. I love watching her experience new things – especially food!

7. Since becoming a mom I have a whole new understanding of other parents and how they raise their children

8. I have a constant motivation to try harder at anything I do

9. Adore the fact that Jerrod and I are Rosalie’s while world right now – I love that I get to take care of her all day, everyday

10. Rosalie has given me the chance to see the world through another set of eyes and it never gets old

11. I am able to share things I loved as a child with her now – best feeling ever ♥️

12. I love that being a mom is something I will never not be. I will always be Rosalie’s mother and she will always be my daughter

What is something you love about being a parent? Or something that you are really looking forward to? Also apologies for the lack of posts last week! It was Rosalie’s first birthday party this past Saturday so I was very busy – happy Monday



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