Beauty Review : Shea Moisture

I love skincare and I luckily don’t have skin sensitivity so I can try new products pretty freely. I do have a subscription to Ipsy so that is a great way to discover new brands but this little gem I randomly bought when we were in California and I forgot moisturizer. I stopped in Safeway and in their VERY limited beauty section found this guy and I have used almost every day since!

It was not something that I would normally grab, especially when I just needed it to hold me over until we returned home, but I am very pleasantly surprised.


-I have had the same jar for quite some time because a very small amount of the product goes a long way

-the formula is awesome and my skin feels super hydrated in the morning and not weighed down

-the packaging is sleek and it is easy to travel with or just to keep in your purse

– It is a miracle for sun burns! I was doing yard work and got a lot of sun on my face and back and lathered myself in this stuff and my sunburn was almost gone the next day. Say wha?!

– It says it is for problem skin (acne prone and oily) but I would consider my T-zone oily at worst and it has been great all over my face and neck


– This little guys is around $15.00. I know that can be considered super affordable for some because skin care can be so dang expensive but this girl is cheap. (That being said I will totally repurchase it!)

– the scent (I personally don’t mind it, and have actually grown to like it) but some may not be able to deal, more of a earthy natural scent rather than floral or what have you.

If you decide to give this moisturizer a try please let me know what you think – Happy Tuesday


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