My Love / Hate Relationship with Acrylic Nails

I am a true freak about my nails – it is the one part of my appearance that I always want to be “done” I have no issue going without makeup, or my hair being a mess, but girl, my nails need to be on point. That being said I have had such a love / hate relationship with acrylics over the past 5 years or so. I will taken them off and immediately regret it, then I will get them done and think they are a pain – first world problems!

I know that acrylics are very on trend right now so Before you take the plunge here are my pros and cons


• your nails rarely break / the polish hardly ever chips

• they always look great

• your nails are all the same length – this is a big one for me ( and probably all A type personalities)

• they are relatively low maintenance as you only get them done ever 2-3 weeks, rather than doing your own which is weekly

• give you more delicate manners. This sounds totally crazy but when I have longer acrylics on I totally have softer hand movements, and am more delicate in general


• you have to pay to have them done

• it can be time consuming

• sometimes they can be painful – especially when they break!

• if you like them long, like I did, the. Everyday tasks, such as typing, can become more difficult.

• by the time you need a rebase they look pretty rough

What are your thoughts? Natural or acrylic? I can’t seem to pick a team! 😂 Happy Tuesday


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