Unexpected Skincare : Oil of Oregano

I know that you are thinking the exact same thing that I was when I first heard about oil of oregano for skincare; sounds completely weird! Well, I do still agree that it sounds odd, but I am all about weird power! 😜

I heard about oil of oregano working wonders on rashes and skin issues and sadly Jerrod has suffered from a reoccurring rash that pops up randomly so I thought what the heck!? He was previously prescribed a steroid cream to use, and it would make the rash go away, then it would just return somewhere else once he stopped using it! Super frustrating for Jerrod, not to mention expensive – a small tube was around 65.00$ – Yikes!

So while at Sprouts grocery shopping I suddenly remembered that I should pick some up. I was able to find it easily and even though it was more expensive than I anticipated (10-12$ a bottle) it will last so much longer then the prescription cream, and better yet we know what’s in it!

So Jerrod has been using it for over a week now and even taking 2 days off when we were out of town the rash is gone and has not come back anywhere else! A little goes along way – 2 or 3 drops a day! I also occasionally suffer from eczema so this is a awesome solution for our skin woes.

I really wanted to share this awesome discovery of ours with all of you, but as you know, I am no doctor, so be sure to talk to your health care provider for more information and if it is a good fit for you.

If you do end up trying it please let me know if it works for you! I would love to hear your experience

Happy Wednesday,



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