Life Update



I honestly have no idea where to begin, the past few months have been so crazy and it has honestly felt like I have not had a moment to breathe let alone blog! So in order for me to organize my life here is my “to-do” / life update…

On top of working full time, and being a full time mom and wife I have also really been reflecting on my career path and what I want for my future (and my families) I have felt a ton of anxiety about my career lately and I am really trying to decide on what to do next. I have always wanted to do something on my own that will allow me to be creative everyday, but when I start to think about it I would compare it to a browser with 14,543 tabs open – so many ideas that I overwhelm myself! I am just trying to take it day by day now, but this has really been a huge source of stress for me…

Secondly, we have had some health issues with family members over the pay few weeks and days and it has honestly been terrifying. Not only is this stressful and scary, but it can often cause other tensions within the family if people don’t see eye to eye. In all honesty it sucks, and although death, loss and grief are apart of life it does not make them any easier.

Sadly my updates here on BabyFaceBetty have been close to zero as I have had no inspiration for anything currently and not only has it affected my blog, but also my (usually) awesome Halloween decorations and costumes. I have been listening to a ton of Podcast in hopes to rediscover my creativity and inspiration.

On a lighter note, Rosie is almost walking (she is really taking her sweet time!) Every day is such a adventure with her and she honestly makes the world a better place. I can’t wait to share her Halloween costume! it will be one to remember!

I hope you all are having a creative and stress free week thus far 🙂 talk to you soon!





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