I am sure you are thinking, “here we go, another mom post” but really this applies to everyone, single, married, lone wolf, whatever. I know personally that I can easily loose track of time and I am trying to make a effort to do things for myself everyday. To be clear when I say making time for yourself or doing things for yourself I am referring to small tasks that make you happy or tasks you enjoy doing that give you a feeling of accomplishment. For me there Is nothing worse than going to bed at the end of a long day and feeling like I accomplished nothing that fulfills me. Below are a few things that I do for myself, some daily, some a few times a week – you might be surprised!

– Clean the kitchen: I know you are now googling the nearest physiologist to have me examined, but pause a moment and hear me out. I love the smell of this new cleaner we bought and coming downstairs to a clean kitchen every morning starts my day off on the right foot. The older I get the more I love to clean and organize because it gives me such peace and satisfaction – Cliche I know!

– Vacuum: the feeling of freshly vacuumed carpet under your feet is so great! I love that it cleans up the house and also I get huge satisfaction from seeing all the vacuum lines! I also really love to mow the lawn, I am thinking that I should buy a zen garden so I can rake to my hearts content, lol!

– Change the sheets and make the bed: I know this sounds like another chore but fresh sheets and bedding is seriously one of my favorite things in the world! After a long day at work, then play with Ro and putting her down taking a shower and getting into bed with clean crisp sheets sounds like literal heaven 😍

– Making a list of tasks: this is something recent so I don’t do it as often as I would like, but I have so many thoughts and ideas before I go to bed I write them down for inspiration later when I feel stuck. The time before I go to sleep I will also read, or catch up on the news.

I would love to hear about the things you do for yourself and if some are cleaning related like mine! 😁

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are



MamaHood Monday Vol 6

MamaHood Monday Vol 6

Baby showers can be a really great time, and we were VERY fortunate to have one and receive many things from all of our loved ones, but, and this is a big but, there are things that no one talks about when it comes to planning and having the baby shower that you might want to know if you are a first time mama.

  1. hardly anyone follows the registry – so sad, a little frustrating, but 100% true. As a first time parent you do count on some gifts being necessary items for your little one, but the truth is that 99% of your guests want to buy baby clothes instead. Now don’t take this the wrong way, receiving anything for your baby is a huge blessing as your friends and family are not required to do this; but it can be frustrating when you spent hours creating the registry and researching products.
  2. You might be disappointed by the people who do / do not show up – I know this sounds odd, but I had several people that were not able to make it to my shower and it really bummed me out. On the other hand you might have people that you have to invite, but do not want too (luckily I did not experience this one!)
  3. If you play games you need a cheerleader – A lot of people are not comfortable going up to a stranger and starting a conversation so if you have games that require people to interact have a cheerleader to encourage guests, break the ice and keep the games going.
  4. Showers can be expensive and time-consuming – This is totally obvious and I am sure that if you are ready this you are saying “i already knew that” Well as with many things that involve emotions (example: weddings) people can get totally carried away spending time and money. I always say the same thing to people who are getting married or having a baby, this is about you and your spouse / baby(ies) so do not do anything you don’t want to; and also, the dollar tree is your best friend 🙂
  5. You might want to return things and that is okay – I will admit that I did not return a single thing from my baby shower and I did regret it. Once again I appreciated everything that we received, but I do wish that the clothes I was not in love with, or what-have-you I would have returned and put the money towards bigger items that we really needed. (bottles, formula, newborn clothing, breastfeeding pillows) the list is long…Even after our baby shower and the larger gifts we received from close family (crib, rocker, etc.) we still spent around $600 on other random items. (Please do not feel like you need to spend the same, there are things that I bought that we never used, but as a new parent you have no idea what you need until that baby arrives)

I would love to hear about your thoughts, mom or not. hope you are having a great day wherever you are



I have never met a single person that hates to travel – flying or getting there maybe – but never actually experiencing their destination. Right out of college and early in our marriage I worked for a large hotel chain that had great perks for staying at different properties around the globe. At that time it was also just the two of us (no baby yet)  so saying that we took full advantage would be a understatement. We took “weekend” trips all of the time and I wanted to share how we make the most of each trip together.

  • this is the most important in my opinion – you cannot control everything when it comes to traveling so you have the opportunity to makes things an adventure or an ordeal. When I first heard that I was blown away! what a great way to look at it; and ever since then I have chosen the adventure – like that time we almost ran out of gas and were lost in Klohn Germany! (a story for another time)


New York

  • Make weekends count – We do always try to leave on a Thursday night and come back Sunday, or leave early Saturday morning and come back Monday. This way we feel like we get a full two days to experience our destination.



  • Stay away from tourist destinations! – this tip may not work for everyone but we personally hate the “herding of people” as we call it, at tourist destinations. For my husband and I it is much more of an authentic experience to go where the locals are and experience the city in a genuine way (this does include talking to people who live there! omg!)


  • Get out of your comfort zone – for me personally travel is about not only discovering new things, but also learning about myself. I do try to push myself to get out of my comfort zone, my husband helps me a lot with this too! Sometimes it is hard as an adult to try new things, but Jerrod and I both want amazing stories to reminisce with each other, to tell our kids and even grandkids, so why not?!


Colorado Springs

  • Don’t pre-plan your days – this, like number 3, may also not work for everyone, but for us it is the best way to enjoy a city and make the most of our time. We do always make an effort to rise at a reasonable time (no later than 8 – I know some of you are having a heart attack right now with my saying that is resonable! lol), but we just talk about things over breakfast and whatever we are feeling like that day we go and do. We are morning people and do turn in pretty early so we are rarely in the hotel room during the day.


Long Beach, CA

What places are on your list to visit?

hope you are having a great day wherever you are!



Favorite Amazon Fashion Finds

We all know that Amazon is taking over the world from everything to grocery stores to drone deliveries they have got it all! 🙂 All jokes aside I do really love a lot of the products from Amazon, including fashion items! Today I thought I would share a few of my favorites purchased over the past 6 months.

The other day I saw a newborn baby girl wearing one of these little turbans and I was obsessed! The four pack I ordered has yellow, white, pink and black. They are so soft -you can find them here

Although this is a little more than I usually spend on lounge / comfy items I do really love this. Do note that the seams are not finished (meaning they just have sewn the two layers together on the outside rather than sewing internally to hide) I ordered mine in the cream and toffee colors, but the black and tan is super cute as well! You can find it here 

I can have issues finding long sleeved dressed that fit me well and have long enough sleeves so I was a bit hesitant purchasing this floral number but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and it fit like a dream! This also has pockets, that’s right, I said pockets! For only $12.99 you can order it here

I loved the shape of the Celine bags last season, but like many people did not want to drop the money on one – Amazon to the rescue! I really like this bag because it does have a zip closure and a cross body strap, the only thing to be weary of is the colors can very. Online it reflected as bright orange(as shown) and in the very first photo of the post that I took it is more burnt yellow. You can also see other color options here

And finally, who does not need a banana dress! this is so cute and one of my favorites for spring and summer. Take a look here

I would love to hear about your affordable fashion finds – have a great day wherever you are!


MamaHood Monday Vol 5

As a new mom you really have no idea what things will be a saving grace in certain situations, nighttime included! For this weeks MamaHood Monday I thought I would share five of my favorite night-time items for baby.

Wearable Blankets Being a new mom means that you also get overloaded with information and advice, part of this being how baby should be sleeping and in what, with or without a blanket. The blanket/swaddled thing always really freaked me out so a wearable blanket was where it was at for me, and Ro is still sleeping in them every night! I love these, but if you want  a more affordable option I always suggest checking out the thrift store first!

Sleep Sacks – These are so great! Since we live in Colorado the winter nights can get really cold, so one of these with long socks, or with a wearable blanket over is perfect. Ro stays cozy, but never gets too hot. I love the long-sleeved ones found here (I also see these at the thrift store a lot as well)

Oil Diffuser – I have talked about oil diffusers before, and they really are so wonderful! At night putting lavender oil in them; it really makes all the difference in how not only the baby sleeps, but also my husband and I. We ordered this one and I love that is lasts so long and the colors change 🙂

Night light – I know this one seems pretty obvious, but when we brought baby home, we did not even have one night-light! now we have them all over! We bought this exact one and I love it because it has sensors and turns on and off automatically based on the surrounding light.

Crib Mobile – This also may be something that a lot people buy right away, but we did not as my thought was it is cute, but not necessary. Well, I will admit that it is not required, it does really help calm the baby and almost hypnotize her to sleep. (this goes back to my nighttime routine post about putting baby down drowsy but not asleep found here) We bought one similar to this and it looks so cute in her room (nursery photos coming soon)

I hope you liked this Top 5, I would love to hear any holy grail items you have for baby – have a great day wherever you are!


Favorites for Babies Skin (and Mine)

Most new parents aren’t sure what to use for baby’s skin and there are so many options. I know that when we had our daughter we received many different bath and body items and still were not sure what to use! I am super conscious about the things that I use on myself, and it only got worse once I have our little one.

Our daughter is almost 8 months old now and for the entire time I was pregnant, and since she was born her and I both use Burt’s Bees products along with coconut oil. I loved the Mama Bees lotion for my belly during pregnancy, I felt good using it because it was almost all natural, affordable and super hydrating. The only thing I did not like was the scent, but I was overly sensitive to smells – as most women are when pregnant! My nightly routine was cover my entire body with coconut oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, then cover my entire body with Mama Bees lotion. I do think that part of the battle against stretch marks is keeping your skin moisturized, but it is also genetic! That being said, if you get them (I have them, just not from pregnancy) be proud of them, you created a human. 🙂

For my little one, we do essentially the same thing, coconut oil, then Burt’s Bees Baby. If you are in warmer climates this may seem like over kill, but we are in Colorado with 0% humidity so we all need it! I also wanted to mention that I have eczema and the combination of Burt’s Bees and coconut oil really helps.

Find Mama Bee here

Baby Bees Shampoo and Wash here

Baby Bees Lotion here

and Virgin coconut oil here  (love this brand as well! I will have a blog post soon about all the things I use coconut oil for.)

I would love to her your favorite lotions and bath time products for you and baby – hope you are having a great day wherever you are!



Beauty Review : Aztec Secret Clay Mask

I have been seeing this mask a lot online and have heard literally nothing but great things about it so I thought it would be a great idea to try it out and do a little review. First off the price point for the large jar as featured above is so affordable (under 9$!) The mask also claims many things such as tightening and smoothing of the skin, reducing acne scars, helping with current acne, etc. You can mix equal part clay with water or apple cider vinegar. (I prefer the ACV as that is great for your skin and it also bubbles when you are making the mask – wahoo!)

So I have used this several times and here are my thoughts

  • Again the price point is amazing, especially for the amount of product that you get (one mask can be made with 1 teaspoon clay and one teaspoon water or ACV so it will take you quite sometime to get through it)
  • The mask is a quick one meaning that after 15 minutes max it is dry and ready to be removed.
  • When you read the label and it talks about your face pulsating that is no joke – and it also get REALLY tight.
  • Once removed your face can be a little red (as it says on the packaging) so I would not suggest using this before applying makeup, at night would be best.
  • Your skin really is super smooth afterwards, and it does reduce the redness and size of blemishes.

Every time I use this mask I like it a little bit more. I have also read and have seen pictures of people who use it several times a week for acne and the results are crazy amazing! If you are interested you can find the mask here ; if you do try it out I would love to hear your thoughts

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are!