Currently Loving : My Favorite OPI reds

Red nail polish is such a classic. From a very young age I admired women with manicured nails is all shades of red and I partial think my passion for old Hollywood has to do with the red nails and lips! These days there are so many shades of red with so many undertones I thought I would share a free of my “ride or die” reds from the OPI brand.

My Chihuahua Bites (on the very left)- The red with a pink undertone, really love this for summer on fingers or toes

Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (second to the left) – hand down my favorite orange red! Looks so great anytime of year and the name is too cute

I STOP for Red – (third) the perfect classic red, very traditional with a pretty neutral undertone but wears beautifully.

Bastille My Heart – (last one on the right) such a gorgeous deep red. So pretty in the fall or winter – but it’s a free country, wear it whenever you want 😁

I am really trying to discover other great nail polish colors and brands, I would love to hear you favorite



Jeans I Love and Where to Get Them

Oh, our beloved Target! I really adore all the high waisted jean options they have along with all the washes and cuts. They are great quality for the price (all pictured above are under $30.00!) and for me they fit better than many more expensive designer jeans I have owned.

Kut from the Kloth is another winner. Although these jeans are more on the expensive side they fit well, are usually soft and very comfortable and will last for years. I really am coveting the camo pair! And finally ASOS! This online fashion Mecca is amazing! Something for every style and budget. I am such a fan of not only their jeans, but all their clothing options.

What are your favorite stores for denim and basics? – Allison

Nordstrom Wish List

I always laugh when I see the joke about online shopping and filling your cart up, then never checking out – totally me! I love to shop, but I honestly and usually doing it at the thrift store, or places like target and TJ Maxx as this mama is on a budget! That being said I do always check out the Nordstrom sales each year and they do honestly have some great prices on some more expensive items. One year I am determined to think ahead about the sale and save my money for it so I can splurge a little – I mean, those Gucci boots. oh. my. god… 🙂

What are some of your favorite sales to shop?

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday


Currently Loving : Mantle Decor



I have a love affair with home decor. I could do home decorating, look at it, watch shows about it and never get sick of it. I am constantly rearranging our house, because why not? Our current mantle decor I am in love with so I. Thought I would share some photos, and also share some major #MantleGoal photos I found on Pinterest. Above is our mantle, below is some inspiration. I have linked items on our mantle (or very similar ones) at the very bottom of this post as well as my Pinterest – Happy Decorating!

Fake Palm Leaves<a href="http://Fake Faux Artificial Tropical Palm Leaves for Home Kitchen Party Decorations or Handcrafts 18 Counts by ZXSWEET” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> here

Vase and Gold Shelf thrifted 

Letter board thrifted(brand new!) similar<a href="http://Changeable Letter Board Dark Grey Felt 10×10 Inches. Changeable Wooden Message Board Sign. White Vintage Letter Board With Large and Small Letter Sets. Distressed Wood Frame” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> here 

Skull Michael’s Halloween Clearance, similar <a href="http://custom & Unique {3.2″ Inch} 1 Single, Small Home & Garden “Standing” Figurine Decoration Made of Grade A Resin w/ Small Gothic Human Skull Style {Bronze Color}” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here

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Current Favorites : Foundation

Being someone who throughly enjoys makeup my favorite products are always changing, but I do have a few that always seem to remain in my top rankings. I wanted to start talking about makeup in somewhat the order that you put it on, and I know what you are thinking, what about primers then?! I did talk about one primer in my last post, but I have yet to find my ride or die, amazing, blow-my-mind primer. So we are starting here, and I am sure we will circle back at some point 🙂

No 7. Stay Perfect – I am sure that you have seen this brand at Walgreens or Target; I was a little sceptical of it when I initially purchased it but it is amazing! I would say that is it a light to medium coverage and if gives you a natural healthy glow and who does not want that?! It is the least expensive out of my three current favorites around $17.00 for the 30ml size.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – As a kid my mom wore a lot of Estee Lauder products so I hold a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for this brand, but I truly love this foundation, This is definitely medium to full coverage and wears beautifully through the day. It is the most expensive of the three, around $45.00 but you can always ask for samples to try before you buy.

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation – This is the first thing I have ever tried from Cover FX and I love it! it is a cream foundation so when you go into it with a brush or a beauty sponge, you will think that you need more than what you are getting, and girl (or boy) I am here to tell you STOP YOURSELF! This little guys packs a punch and is full coverage! When I purchased it at Sephora I think it was around $40.00, so in between my two other favorites.

I would love to hear about your favorite skin care or makeup products. I hope you are having a great day wherever you are!





Favorite Amazon Fashion Finds

We all know that Amazon is taking over the world from everything to grocery stores to drone deliveries they have got it all! 🙂 All jokes aside I do really love a lot of the products from Amazon, including fashion items! Today I thought I would share a few of my favorites purchased over the past 6 months.

The other day I saw a newborn baby girl wearing one of these little turbans and I was obsessed! The four pack I ordered has yellow, white, pink and black. They are so soft -you can find them here

Although this is a little more than I usually spend on lounge / comfy items I do really love this. Do note that the seams are not finished (meaning they just have sewn the two layers together on the outside rather than sewing internally to hide) I ordered mine in the cream and toffee colors, but the black and tan is super cute as well! You can find it here 

I can have issues finding long sleeved dressed that fit me well and have long enough sleeves so I was a bit hesitant purchasing this floral number but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and it fit like a dream! This also has pockets, that’s right, I said pockets! For only $12.99 you can order it here

I loved the shape of the Celine bags last season, but like many people did not want to drop the money on one – Amazon to the rescue! I really like this bag because it does have a zip closure and a cross body strap, the only thing to be weary of is the colors can very. Online it reflected as bright orange(as shown) and in the very first photo of the post that I took it is more burnt yellow. You can also see other color options here

And finally, who does not need a banana dress! this is so cute and one of my favorites for spring and summer. Take a look here

I would love to hear about your affordable fashion finds – have a great day wherever you are!


MamaHood Monday Vol 5

As a new mom you really have no idea what things will be a saving grace in certain situations, nighttime included! For this weeks MamaHood Monday I thought I would share five of my favorite night-time items for baby.

Wearable Blankets Being a new mom means that you also get overloaded with information and advice, part of this being how baby should be sleeping and in what, with or without a blanket. The blanket/swaddled thing always really freaked me out so a wearable blanket was where it was at for me, and Ro is still sleeping in them every night! I love these, but if you want  a more affordable option I always suggest checking out the thrift store first!

Sleep Sacks – These are so great! Since we live in Colorado the winter nights can get really cold, so one of these with long socks, or with a wearable blanket over is perfect. Ro stays cozy, but never gets too hot. I love the long-sleeved ones found here (I also see these at the thrift store a lot as well)

Oil Diffuser – I have talked about oil diffusers before, and they really are so wonderful! At night putting lavender oil in them; it really makes all the difference in how not only the baby sleeps, but also my husband and I. We ordered this one and I love that is lasts so long and the colors change 🙂

Night light – I know this one seems pretty obvious, but when we brought baby home, we did not even have one night-light! now we have them all over! We bought this exact one and I love it because it has sensors and turns on and off automatically based on the surrounding light.

Crib Mobile – This also may be something that a lot people buy right away, but we did not as my thought was it is cute, but not necessary. Well, I will admit that it is not required, it does really help calm the baby and almost hypnotize her to sleep. (this goes back to my nighttime routine post about putting baby down drowsy but not asleep found here) We bought one similar to this and it looks so cute in her room (nursery photos coming soon)

I hope you liked this Top 5, I would love to hear any holy grail items you have for baby – have a great day wherever you are!