DIY Wall Art


I was inspired to do my own version of this project by the queen of DIY herself, Mr.Kate. She did a more simplified version of this on her YouTube channel (if you are not already subscribed you should be! She is so awesome!) I could not stop thinking about it so I originally made one as a gift for a friends birthday, but I liked it so much I created my own. (pictured above)

First off you will need quite a few supplies and a few power tools

-24 x 24 piece of wood

-paint (I did white and tan mixed for the background, then golds, purples and grey for the circle but as with all DIY’s choose whatever fits you and your space best)Β 

-lights (found mine at target – they looked like mini Christmas lights)

-hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks


-saw (if wood has not already been cut to size)Β 

-sand paper



I started out with my plain pieces of wood cut to the dimensions I wanted


Next I painted each square white (i also added some tan so it would not be flat white) and let that dry.


Once dry I used a string and pen / pencil to make my rough circle shape (You can also trace something or free hand it)


Going off my sketch I did a quick outline of gold paint, marked my constellations and drilled my holes.


Once this step is complete I would advise taking pictures to remember your constellations. Then you can paint the circle whatever color you like and let thoroughly dry.


This step optional if you don’t like the look of the lines, but if you want to include them you will then connect your constellations with a paint pen (again, any color you like) let his dry until your a confident it will not smudge.


Finally you can turn that bad boy over and start gluing in your lights. (Not pictured, but I also did a inch frame around the back of the piece to contain the lights and so it would rest flat on the wall once hung. This also hides the cords when looking at it from the side but you are welcome to skip this step if you like)


Install a wire on the back to hang it and viola! what do you think? If you are inspired to make your own please tag me so I can see πŸ™‚ @babyfacebetty on Instagram



DIY Dino Planters

Dinosaurs and metallics = best project ever! These guys are so easy to make and such a statement piece. I can’t wait to put these on my desk to keep me company during the work day. Follow the photos below for a quick tutorial to make some of your own πŸ™‚

I started with these 3 guys purchased from the Dollar Tree. They are the harder plaster kind as you do what them to be somewhat sturdy since you will drill / cut into them.

Next I did a rough outline of where I wanted the hole to be, then drilled holes around it for easier cutting. You can use wire cutters or a blade to completely cut out the hole (I found a blade easier to work with) then sand the edges and seams before painting.

I chose to do metallics (silver, gold and rose gold – the brands are listed above) Metallics will accentuate any flaws so make sure to take your time sanding / prepping.

Finally you will just want to fill you dinosaurs with moss and succulents. I got all my supplies from the dollar store and used faux plants for convince reasons, but real plants would be amazing if you life in a more forgiving climate.

What do you think?!

Hope your day is great πŸ˜‰


DIY BOHO basket with tassels

I am totally in a basket phase right now where I just can’t get enough! I am always looking for ways to store things especially now that Ro is getting older and there are lots of toys! This basket DIY is super simple and gives a old basket new life (with only spending a few bucks!)

For this DIY you will need




-spray paint (I used a dark metallic brown)

-hot glue gun

– scissors

This is my basket after a few coats of spray paint. I actually got this from my mom and one of the handles was broken and it was originally a light brown. Not a bad basket to begin with but a bit dated.

I first started with wrapping the handles then began to go around the rim. This can be tricky because the weaving is different heights so take your time and use your hot glue gun to hold everything in place.

Next I just continued around the edge until I had an even wrap job. I decided to also add a small amount of white rope an inch or so below and also down at the bottom. Then I liked the look of adding twine for more texture. I also wanted to add some tassels because why not! I have included photo instructions at the very end of this post on how to easily create you own.

Above is the finished project – pretty awesome right! Currently it houses all of Ro’s toys in our living room, but I am sure it will make rounds. See below for how to make a simple tassel.

Voila! So simple – what are some other DIY’s you guys want to see? Hope you are having a great day wherever you are


DIY Banister Update – Part 3

Even though it is late I am still getting this up on Sunday! ( yes, I am patting myself on the back right now ) this DIY has been such a pain in my rear that for this final banister post I wanted to pass on my learned-the-hard-way wisdom.

#1 Don’t rush the preparation! I will admit that I did everything the way I was advised to but I only had a limited amount of time to get it ready while grandma watched the little one. So if I had to do it again – which I won’t, EVER – I would definitely set aside more time for prep work.

#2 If you are in doubt when buying supplies buy more than you think you need and keep your receipt! The worst thing ever is when you are working on a project and you run out of something and you have to make the drive all the way back to Home Depot. I would also suggest making a list before you go, whatever is not used just return.

#3 Cover your flooring extremely well. I would even go as far as to suggest taping your tarps to the floor so nothing moves out of place. I did not do this and our carpet got quite a few paint drip (sorry babe)

#4 Remove your painters tape when the paint is tacky, do not wait until your paint is dry. Not only will you life up your tape, but also portions of paint off you banister Yikes!

#5 know when to call it quits. This is very hard advice for me to follow especially when I start to get frustrated with a project. I want to keep at it until it is perfect and in reality, especially with this DIY, it was / is never going to be perfect so I just needed to walk away. To be honest I knew this project would be a major undertaking, but even then I underestimated it!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments 😁


DIY Banister Update – Part 2

Welcome back! If you are reading this than that means you are interested in seeing (and hearing) about this hellacious DIY project. (Please note that all the photos in this post are the finished project, sadly my camera deleted the “in progress” photos)

We left off in part one with prepping the banister, and the next thing I did was use Kilz as a primer (this is what was suggested during my research and at Home Depot) I have personally never worked with this product before and it was odd to say the least. It is more of a thin consistency than paint, has major fumes, is oil based (so it will be on you and your clothes for-ev-er) and the kicker is after a certain point it is literally like painting with honey.

-I’m sure you are now starting to understand why I ended up hating this project so much-

So after a good solid coat of that I took a break to let it fully dry then started with my semi gloss Behr paint. I just chose bright white – the standard color and I do love it. I figured two to three coats would do the trick… more like 4 coats and the sealer! At one point I did take apart the banister in sections (like I mentioned in part one) and did each piece individually, and although this was so much more labor intensive I regret not doing this from the beginning because it would look so much better.

After the paint was dry I when over most everything with a polyurethane top coat. The first few days it looked great, but after 4 or 5 it started to yellow!

-As you can imaging I was ready to take a sledge hammer to this thing! –

So I lightly sanded it and put a very thin layer of paint over certain areas. It definitely turned out more rustic than I wanted and I am still nowhere near happy with it, but it is a major improvement from the cat scratched beat up oak.

Make sure to stop by on Sunday when I will have my final post in this series about what to do different, what I learned and all the products I used.

Hope you are having a great day!


DIY : Banister Update – Part 1

We have lived in our home going on three years, and while the bones are great, some parts need some upgrading – case in point the banister. I loath light wood trim, cabinets, banisters… it just drives me crazy! I think it looks cheap and thrown together. Don’t get me wrong lighter wood can be beautiful, if done the right way, but in our home’s case the builder just put in the least expensive option possible. Since the time we moved in we both knew we wanted to rip out and replace the banister but the project kept getting put on the back burner as other things took priority. So here we are 3 years later with a banister still in horrible condition from the previous owners cats and no change in sight, so this DIY lady took matters into her own hands.

I did do quite a bit of research before even starting the project to see what the best course of action would be and I was a little disappointed that I did not find anything similar to our banister, so I did have to wing parts of it and honestly this DIY kicked my butt!

The first two photos below are of the banister before anything was done to it. Tons of scratches from the cats and additional wear and tear of the family with kids that previously owed the home.

These three photos below are after I wiped down and sanded the entire banister. This was a lengthy process and as you can imagine messy! In hindsight I wish I would have unscrewed all the “spindles” sanded them, prepped and painted them, but the reason I did not is because one, the entire thing our have collapsed so I would have had to do it in stages (finished one whole section, then start another) and also, it would have really freaked me out to not have a banister as all of the bedrooms are on floor two, and we do walk up and down the stairs with baby frequently.

As you can see in the last two photos I taped off for primer and then wiped everything with a damp cloth to remove any sawdust. The next part is where things got sticky, literally! Check back tomorrow for part 2, and my tips to make this project easier for you

Hope your having a great day!


Home Decor : Macrame Everything!

Being a kid I often heard about my mom and dad’s projects creating macrame in the 60’s and 70’s and how awesome some of them turned out – sadly before I was born they were donated (I am crying softly as I write this) but the love of Macrame was definitely passed down to my sister and I and my mom still has her 1970’s Macrame instruction book so I guess that is the silver lining? Fingers crossed I will get around to making one of my own someday! πŸ˜‰

As I am sure you have noticed Macrame is all over the entire internet and has definitely made it’s comeback. You do always have the option to create your own or buy new, but I personally love looking at the thrift store as you can find some really intricate patterns for dollars!

As you can tell I am totally in love with Macrame, in trend or not, I dig it! It truly gives such texture and interest to a space. What are your thoughts, love it or leave it?

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are πŸ™‚

All images via Pinterest