Mama-Hood Monday Vol. 1

Mama-Hood Monday1DSC_1810

There are so many scary things about pregnancy – from the first positive test to the moment the doctor comes into the room and tells you its time, you (or at least I was) filled with worry, doubt and thoughts of “can I do this?” Well I am here to tell you that you can, and all the fears you have are valid, but useless until the situation arises (which hopefully it wont!) I am a firm believer that women are the strongest creatures on earth, but we all need a little support sometimes right?! Below were some of my top fears going into labor and how I coped in order to have a welcoming environment for our little one.

      1. Something will go wrong

I know all my control freak, A-type personalities (like myself) can relate with this one! I was so scared that something would go wrong, and I would not be able to contribute to a resolution or control anything. Well to be honest there is not much you can do to stifle this fear, but having a supportive partner (or support system) to share these concerns with does help. I also tried to replace each negative thought, with a positive one which helped me change my outlook.

     2. I would be too tired to keep pushing

I was very luck to be able to have a natural birth, but once I knew that was the official birth plan (when we were in the hospital) I immediately thought, what if I get too tired? But once the time came the complete opposite happened, I had so many emotions and LOTS of nerves that I was ready to put all I had and more into getting my daughter out as fast as they told me too. When she was out and laying on my belly, yes I was tired, but there was no way I would change those moments. Sleep is definitely something you do not get much of in the first few months with a new baby, but it is totally worth it.

   3. How will I know what to do after the baby is delivered?

Guess what, no first time parents have any idea what to do once the baby is born, and what is even better is that your baby doesn’t know either so you can learn together! Doctors, nurses, lactation consultants are all there to help, so if  you have questions ask! the only dumb question is the one that is not asked, and I assure you that they have heard it all so there is nothing to get embarrassed about. (and honestly after you give birth most of the people you see on the regular have seen all of you up close and personal anyway)

I will be doing a mama-hood post every Monday, so stay tuned for more. Please note that these posts are based on my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences so take with a grain of salt and sense of humor. 🙂