Rosie’s First Birthday

I am now the mother of a one year old and I still cannot believe it! I had all these plans to take pictures of everything before people arrived for the party, but as usual I was running late so that did not happen, lol! 😅 But these pictures of Rosie eating her cake are amazing, and make up for my lack of decor pictures. Her party was fruit themed and her smash cake was make to look like a lemon slice – vanilla cake with butter cream frosting – so cute! And delicious. We had so many friends and family come over to see her and celebrate with us and I honestly could not have asked for more. Being able to do stuff like this for Rosie is just one of the many perks of motherhood ♥️

Happy Tuesday



Small projects that can make a big impact

If you have been here for a while you know I love DIY and it never stops amazing me what a coat of spray paint can do for some things! Recently I spray painted our floor and wall vents a deep espresso brown and I am obsessed.

This was the situation before hand – awful, I know!

This small update cost me a total of 6 bucks for the spray paint and made our home look so much more updated. (It was built in 2003 and the previous owners did not upgrade anything during building or during the time they lived in the home) see below for a before and after of a wall vent, such a improvement!

What are some budget friendly things you have done to your home to update it?


My Favorite Low Maintenance Houseplants


The more and more I change our decor and redecorate our house the more plants I add and the more “things” I get rid of. I am still working on becoming a green thumb and have definitely killed a few plants in my day; but that being said I feel like I am on an upswing and all my green friends are doing great! Because I am in a good place with all my plants, I thought I would share a few of my favorite, low-maintenance house plants.


  1. succulents – They are hands down my favorite, so easy (since they are a part of the cactus family) and so dang cute. Just make sure to have acquit drainage, if not they will drown and die.
  2. Vinca Vine – I love these vines in hanging baskets – they just look so chic! We have them in our bathroom and they love the humidity and grow super quickly
  3. Snake Plant aka Mother-In-Laws Tongue – That name is enough to sell me on these! They can go up to a month without water and consistently look great throughout the year.
  4. Yucca Plant – These are perfect if you want a more tropical look. Mine has been growing like crazy and I just water it once a week, and keep it in a sunny area.
  5. Pathos Plant – We have several pots of these around the house and I love them. They look great all the time and since it is a vine like plant the are wonderful for decorating. ( I have seen a lot of people put them on top of their cabinets)
  6. Palm Plant – there are many variations of these guys and I love all of them. As you would assume they love the sun but need to be watered weekly on average.

I think my next plant purchase will be a rubber plant. Do you have any plant favorites?


Healthy Changes…

After becoming a mom, and also getting close to turning 30 I am trying to make some better choices for myself and my family. This means improved eating habits, staying active, and also taking care of my mind. Today, I wanted to share some of the healthy changes I have been making, and I few I hope to start doing.

  1. water, water, water! I am a big water drinker and am currently  trying to get back to how much I drank each day before my pregnancy (I had bad morning sickness and some days could not even keep down water) Lately, the only way I drink water is with tons of lemon – this in itself has its own health benefits – but I think is it so refreshing and I love having lemons in the house all the time 🙂
  2. One treat a day – I will be the first one to admit that I can go a bit crazy with junk food and sweets so I have been trying for the past few years to limit myself to one treat a day. Now my definition of treat can vary from yours, but if I have coffee with sugar in the morning that is usually it for the day. I definitely still indulge on occasion, but everything in moderation
  3. Look at the food you are buying – This one is huge in our house! we always look at ingredients and try to find the most healthy, least processed food possible. We are really trying to stay away from packaged food (my withdrawal from chips has been rough) and we have recently decided to start only shopping at Sprouts (similar to Whole Foods but much more affordable)
  4. Be active and feel accomplished – this is a goal I am still working towards as I do have a 9-5 that requires me to sit at a desk each day, and this does not mean you need to go to the gym ( I loath the gym) For me this means I need to do something each day that makes me feel accomplished; whether that is working on a DIY project, mowing the lawn, actively playing with Rosie. Being active does not have to do with loosing weight or any of that BS, it is more about feeling good about the day when your head hits the pillow.
  5. Stop being your own worst critic – This one is the hardest for me because as the saying goes “doubt will kill more dreams that failure ever will” I get really excited about projects and once I encounter a roadblock I will start to loose steam. I am not one to give up on things, but I can easily feel discourage, but that is going to change! everyone starts somewhere and if other people can have success so can I 🙂
  6. remove yourself from negative situations – a healthy mind is SO important and negative people and situations will do nothing for you. I will fess up to the fact that on occasion I am a gossip, but lately I have really been trying to let things good and focus on the things that bring me happiness.

What are some healthy goals you have? Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.


My Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Poor Man’s Stew– so simple to throw all the ingredients into a crock pot and at the end of the day have a delicious dinner – and the leftovers are even better!

Dill Pickle Dip – oh. my. god. this dip is so good! with some classic lays potato chips you will not be able to stop eating it

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich a healthier version of one of my favorites. The grapes and almonds take it to the next level and it is a great easy meal once made.

Skinny Banana, Oatmeal and Chocolate cookies – love this for over ripe bananas, and the best part is all the ingredients are in the title! such a better alternative to regular cookies

Buffalo Chicken Dip – be warned! if you make this you will be addicted and people will never stop asking you for it. Tastes like a buffalo hot wing with ranch dressing turned into a dip. (i suggest breaking out the “fat pants” for this treat 😉 )

I would love to hear some of you favorite Pinterest discovered dishes – so much food, so little time! 🙂

you can also follow all my boards for Pinterest here.


Decorating with Plants

The older I get the more I understand the saying “less is more” especially when it comes to home decor. I have found it to be more and more of a joy to get rid of things and that is something I though I would never say!

I love having plants around the house and try to have at least one in every room. As cheesy as it sounds they bring me joy, and I believe they give our home a great energy. My favorites right now are Fickly Fig, succulents and cacti. Above are some rooms I am drooling over that I found when scrolling Pinterest. They are so gorgeous! What are some of your favorite indoor plants?


2018 House Purge : Update on my closet / office

Even though these photos are still a bit of a mess we are making progress and that is what it is all about right!? I am happy to say that I was able to get rid of 4 trash bags full of stuff and have 3 more I want to re-sell!!! Wowza – That is a whole lotta stuff and I haven’t even gone through my purses yet. (Remember, no judging)

This has definitely been a difficult process and I have become very overwhelmed at times as I really started to realize how much stuff I had when trying to clean and organize it. I do work full time, have a young baby and a husband which have my attention 99% of the time so needless to say that I have not gotten as much done in this room as I like so for now I am calling it a work in progress😁

I thought I would share a few tips I have learned so far that will hopefully make your de-cluttering journey more simple than mine.

– before doing anything think about your goals. In my closet / office I wanted everything to have a place and to have extra room for things (one of the worst feelings is trying to put things away, but there is no room anywhere!)

– once you have a goal in mind get 3 boxes or bins; one for trash, one for donate, one for sell.

– once you are in the thick of it know your limits. If it is just too much and you are overwhelmed start small – a desk drawer a day – then graduate to bigger tasks like your pantry

– if you are having a hard time getting rid of things get a friend to come help! We all have that one person on our lives that throws out any and everything (not in a bad way, some people are just really good with decluttering) and they are perfect! Luckily for me that person in my life is my husband. I was having a really hard time getting rid of shoes so I had him sit with me when I went through them and give his opinion. There were a few pairs that I was going to keep and he honestly asked “where and when would you wear those?” And I had no answer – to the sell or donate bins they go! And it actually felt great!

What are some things you do to stay on track when cleaning or organizing?

Hope your having a great Wednesday!