DIY Wall Art


I was inspired to do my own version of this project by the queen of DIY herself, Mr.Kate. She did a more simplified version of this on her YouTube channel (if you are not already subscribed you should be! She is so awesome!) I could not stop thinking about it so I originally made one as a gift for a friends birthday, but I liked it so much I created my own. (pictured above)

First off you will need quite a few supplies and a few power tools

-24 x 24 piece of wood

-paint (I did white and tan mixed for the background, then golds, purples and grey for the circle but as with all DIY’s choose whatever fits you and your space best)ย 

-lights (found mine at target – they looked like mini Christmas lights)

-hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks


-saw (if wood has not already been cut to size)ย 

-sand paper



I started out with my plain pieces of wood cut to the dimensions I wanted


Next I painted each square white (i also added some tan so it would not be flat white) and let that dry.


Once dry I used a string and pen / pencil to make my rough circle shape (You can also trace something or free hand it)


Going off my sketch I did a quick outline of gold paint, marked my constellations and drilled my holes.


Once this step is complete I would advise taking pictures to remember your constellations. Then you can paint the circle whatever color you like and let thoroughly dry.


This step optional if you don’t like the look of the lines, but if you want to include them you will then connect your constellations with a paint pen (again, any color you like) let his dry until your a confident it will not smudge.


Finally you can turn that bad boy over and start gluing in your lights. (Not pictured, but I also did a inch frame around the back of the piece to contain the lights and so it would rest flat on the wall once hung. This also hides the cords when looking at it from the side but you are welcome to skip this step if you like)


Install a wire on the back to hang it and viola! what do you think? If you are inspired to make your own please tag me so I can see ๐Ÿ™‚ @babyfacebetty on Instagram



MamaHood Monday Vol. 10

We all have bad days and babies are no exception. Whether it is gas, teething, exhaustion or just a bad mood here are a few of the things that Jerrod and I do to still have a great family day even if Ro is a not-so-happy baby.

  1. Eliminate the obvious – make sure baby is fed, changed and also comfortable. Comfortable can mean different things for different babies – but I always like to make sure her clothes are comfy, no tags a bugging her, and she can move freely; also that she is not too hot or cold.
  2. Don’t get frustrated! – Believe me when I say that I completely understanding how trying it can be to hear a baby cry and not be able to sooth said baby. I know that sometimes we can get flustered when the regular fixes don’t work, but we try our best no to get frustrated! I am a firm believer that babies can pick up on your emotions and will also mimic them, so stay positive, and if need be place the baby in a safe area and step away for a moment if you need a breather.
  3. Stay positive and talk to your little one – This works really well for me and Ro when she is having a hard time. Sometimes I just need to sit down and talk to her until I get a smile. Once I have her smiling we are usually able to play or give her a toy and “distract” her from her baby troubles.
  4. Pay attention to your partner – This one might sound a little odd, but it is very important to pay attention to your partner and know when to let them tap out if it becomes too much. This weekend I was in the garage working on a DIY baby gate (post coming soon) and I had the door cracked to hear Jerrod and the baby; after a certain point of Ro being fussy I could tell patience was wearing thin and I was time for mama to take a break from my project and for Jerrod to take a break for baby duty.

Everyone has different ways to make not-so-good days better and these are just a few of the things that work for us. (again, every baby is different so take my suggestions with a grain of salt ๐Ÿ™‚ ) How do you improve a bad day for yourself or your kids?

happy Monday! – Allison

Foundation Fails : Disappointing Products

As my baby girl (and I) get older I find myself going for more and more simple makeup routines because let’s face it, babies have no patience and this mama is tired. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love being full beat honey (meaning a full face of makeup) but my makeup has become almost the same each day. This being said I am always on the hunt for great and affordable foundations that will last and I thought today I would share a few that did not make the cut, and why they did not work for me.

(please note that these are my opinions and just because this product did not work for me does not mean it is bad – if you are curious, try them for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  1. Elf tinted moisturizer – I did not like this product for several reasons; first because of the coverage, which is zero. The product states that it is a tinted moisturizer, but for me there was no tint; I also did not like the consistency or the scent.ย  I had high hopes for this as the price point is so good, but sadly it was a fail
  2. NXY Total Control Drop Foundation – yikes! this one is not only a fail because I did not like how it wore, but also because ever-single-time I used it some would inevitably drop on my clothes. Now you can chalk this up to me being messy, but honestly what a horrible idea for packaging – i prefer a good old pump! I also thought that this lacked the coverage I was hoping for and it started to wear very unevenly after several hours and by the end of the day you could see it starting to break up on the skin. I have also heard some amazing reviews on this as well, but for me it did not work as I hoped it would.
  3. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte –ย When I purchased this guy I was so hopefully because I was quite a few beauty bloggers talk about how great it is, but for me it was a BIG flop. I experienced many of the same issues as the NXY product. I also felt like it made my skin look so dull. I am wanting to try to pro glow version because I am all about second chances ๐Ÿ˜‰

I usually do not like to talk negatively about anything, but part of reviews is constructive criticism and as I said, just because it did not work for me does not mean this wont work for you. Also, each of these products I tried several times with different primers and powders – the only way to know is if you try, right!? what are some of your ride or die foundations?

Happy Thursday, xoxo


MamaHood Monday Vol 9


Yesterday marked my first official Mother’s Day! Before becoming a mom I had my own thoughts about Mother’s Day and what it was and meant, and as with most things after becoming a parent, I am signing a different tune today!

I do still totally agree that Mother’s Day was created out of thin air (just like Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day) but damn did it felt good to be appreciated for a full day just specifically for being a mom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Dads, partners, friends and family are all a huge help when you have a child, but as a mom we are the ones that are pregnant and form that bond before anyone else. We are the ones that work our butts off bringing that little one into the world, and when they are finally here we are the ones who struggle. Struggle with recovery, breastfeeding, bonding, self image, guilt, and just a general feeling of “I don’t know what the hell I am doing!”ย (Just for clarification I am talking about all Mothers regardless of biological ties or sexual identity)

Although my family did a small celebration on Saturday for Mother’s Day I woke up to my baby girl on Sunday morning and said a extra thank you to whatever greater being let me me her mama. We let dad sleep in and watched Finding Dory together and snuggled on the couch. Some of the smallest moments with your children are the most meaningful ๐Ÿ™‚

I have always thought that Mothers should be celebrated most on their children’s birthdays – What are your thoughts on Mother’s Day?





Skincare Favorites

Do not attempt to adjust your computer, you are seeing this correctly, a new blog post is finally up! I have been so MIA because a sickness hit me hard Sunday night and I am still fighting it today, but the good news is that the weekend is not far away and I am ready for some R&R and sunshine.

Since I am all for beauty on a budget I thought I would share my ride or die staples for skincare.

If you have read my blog before you have heard me rave about coconut oil and Burt’s Bees Baby lotion. Both of these are so great in the dry Colorado climate and also really help with my eczema.

Lush Dream Cream is ah-maz-ing! this can be more on the expensive side but it smells like a dream (see what I did there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) is natural and really works on dry skin.

Also from Lush, Silky Underwear! This may sound totally weird but this “dusting powder” is wonderful at helping those spots that are a little too close to one another not to chafe in the heat. I hate the smell of baby powder, and it has also been proven that it is not so great for you so this is a welcome alternative.

Next is this Lavender Body Oilย that I original discovered through my sister as she bought it as a gift for our mom and I was a jelly belly (meaning jealous) I am obsessed with lavender and body / face oils so when I found it all I could think was “Someone take my money!” ๐Ÿ™‚ but in all seriousness it is awesome and you don’t feel like a slippery fish when you’re done putting it on.

Finally we come to Apple Cider Vinegar. Odd choice for a skincare favorites I know but I really do love it! You can use it as a toner, to help with sunburns, and also can mix it with some masks (like this one that I did a review on in a previous post) I don’t mind the smell of vinegar and this is super affordable as well as easy to find. (insert high five here*)


Thanks for reading!


MamaHood Monday Vol 8

If you are anything like my husband and I our two dogs were our children before we had our daughter, and they still are so I consider myself a mother of three, not one ๐Ÿคช Also like us, if you are a dog parent and also expecting or have a little one you probably also have fears regarding your fur children and your human children. I have to say my husband was a lot more concerned than I was, not for any reason in particular, but just like people each dog has a dog different personality and can react different to each situation. (Our younger dog in most the pictures above was Jerrod’s main concern because he is my dog (jealousy issues), but he has become Ro’s main protector and buddy) So all this being said we went in search of some tips to help our pups cope with the big change.

First things first all the baby stuff you get before the little one arrives is very exciting for your pup! We let the dogs go crazy sniffing all the stuff (and washed everything afterwards of course) this gets them somewhat accustomed to the new smells and gear that comes with a new baby. We never discouraged them from being curious, only if they tried to steal things ๐Ÿ˜…

Some people said to play recording of crying newborns before you deliver too but we never did this. I personally didn’t want to because I thought it would cause more confusion for the dogs rather than prepare them.

This is the big one that I recommend to a lot of people – if possible before the baby is brought home have your spouse or someone take something that has been on the baby (a hat, a blanket, booties, etc.) home and rub it on the dogs beds, and leave it there. this can help your dogs associate the smell of a new baby with something positive and comforting – like their bed!

Last but not least, never discourage your dog from being curious about baby, and never leave them unattended. In the beginning we would carefully watch our dogs with the baby and after a good interaction we would praise them (treats, or just lots of love) This being said, also never force an interaction between your dog and your baby, sometimes it takes a while for everyone to get used to the new dynamic even the dogs might need time and space.

I wouldย love to hear about the positive interactions your little ones have with your dogs; hope you are having a great day wherever you are ๐Ÿ™‚

Before you Donate…

As I have said many times before, 2018 is the year of the purge in my household so I am trying to make some hard decisions and declutter my life. Along with decluttering often comes the emotion of “This was expensive so I should keep it” Even though I can totally relate to this I thought I would share 5 options for selling your unwanted clothes, accessories, and even some household items that makes letting go a little easier.

  1. Poshmark (online only – clothing, accessories, shoes, etc) – Posmark is, in my opinion, the most simple way to sell things. It is online or through an app on your phone and all you have to do is snap a few photos, post them with a short description and boom! there is an option to make offers rather than buying outright so you will get a little less money at times, but it can be made up in the amount of items you are able to sell. You can follow my closet here.ย 
  2. Depop (online only – clothing accessories, shoes, etc) – I have never sold anything on Depop, but I know people who have and only good reviews! It is definitely marketed towards more unique, vintage, quirky fashions, but such a fun place to shop and how people merchandise their products is so awesome.
  3. Etsy (online only – clothing, home goods, craft supplies, basically everything) – I have always been a fan of Etsy even before I started my own shop. I love that it is full of such unique pieces and supports people in making their own business a reality. You can find my shop here, (lacking a little attention, but listings are up to date ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  4. Buffalo Exchange (in person only – clothing, accessories, etc.) Even though BE is not in every city if you are in a place that has one it is a great and fast option to get some quick cash and they will even donate the stuff they don’t take for you! They are also more interested in vintage, one of a kind of items or even DIY stuff.
  5. ThreadUp (online only – clothes, accessories, etc.) I have also never sold anything here, but I have a cousin that uses it regularly and some of the vloggers I follow also do. It is also a great option to buy or sell and it definitely more main stream, meaning known brands like Gap or Banana Republic, so it would be a great idea to take a look if you have a dress code of business casual at work

Do you guys have any other places to buy or sell clothes? I would love to hear about them! Hope you are having a great Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚