MamaHood Monday : Favorite Apps for Pregnancy and Motherhood

If you are anything like me the moment you decide you want to start trying for a baby you start to download all sort of apps. From ovulation trackers to breastfeeding schedules it can get intense, so I thought I would put together my favorite past and present applications to make your current or future life a bit more simple.

1. Ovia – This was the very first app I downloaded to help me figure out when I was ovulating. In my experience the app was very easy to use and gave me all the information I needed to know – what was happening with my body and my chances of getting pregnant throughout the month. (Free)

2. The Bump – when I did eventually get a positive pregnancy test I downloaded The Bump ASAP because I wanted to know every little thing that was happening for me and baby. I love this app because it stays up to date with you as you progress in your pregnancy and it also has brief articles on all things MamaHood! (Free)

3. MammaBaby – we downloaded this app while still in the hospital to keep track of feedings and continued to use it once we got home. Super simple set up, and also gives you the option to track diaper changes, growth and sleeping. (Free)

4. Sleepy Pillow – All new parents want their baby to fall asleep and stay asleep and getting that to happen successfully usually takes a routine. As a newborn each night we would have our routine and then I would choose music from the app to play for and hour (it had a timer you can set to turn off automatically!) this really helped Rosalie to know that it was night time sleeping and not daytime naps and she started to be able to comfortably fall asleep on her own. I also really love this app when I am having issues falling asleep. (Free)

5. Baby Stimulation – I only let Rosalie play on this rarely but as a distraction for a few minutes if I need to go into another room or complete a task it is great. Also is good for hand eye coordination. (This app is free for one “game” and is 1.99$ to unlock all features)

What are some awesome apps that you enjoy? Parent related or not? I love to hear suggestions – have a great Monday!


Unexpected Skincare : Oil of Oregano

I know that you are thinking the exact same thing that I was when I first heard about oil of oregano for skincare; sounds completely weird! Well, I do still agree that it sounds odd, but I am all about weird power! 😜

I heard about oil of oregano working wonders on rashes and skin issues and sadly Jerrod has suffered from a reoccurring rash that pops up randomly so I thought what the heck!? He was previously prescribed a steroid cream to use, and it would make the rash go away, then it would just return somewhere else once he stopped using it! Super frustrating for Jerrod, not to mention expensive – a small tube was around 65.00$ – Yikes!

So while at Sprouts grocery shopping I suddenly remembered that I should pick some up. I was able to find it easily and even though it was more expensive than I anticipated (10-12$ a bottle) it will last so much longer then the prescription cream, and better yet we know what’s in it!

So Jerrod has been using it for over a week now and even taking 2 days off when we were out of town the rash is gone and has not come back anywhere else! A little goes along way – 2 or 3 drops a day! I also occasionally suffer from eczema so this is a awesome solution for our skin woes.

I really wanted to share this awesome discovery of ours with all of you, but as you know, I am no doctor, so be sure to talk to your health care provider for more information and if it is a good fit for you.

If you do end up trying it please let me know if it works for you! I would love to hear your experience

Happy Wednesday,


Our First Couples Trip Since Baby

Jerrod and I were lucky enough to be gifted a trip to Las Vegas and it was our first time being away from our little one. I totally expected to cry a lot being without Rosie, but I surprisingly did not! It was honestly very refreshing to have time just for us as a couple even though we did talk about her ALL THE TIME.

I am really looking forward to all the family trips we will take together, but couple time is needed too! What are some some things that you do with your SO for quality time together whether you have kids or not.

Happy Tuesday!


My Love / Hate Relationship with Acrylic Nails

I am a true freak about my nails – it is the one part of my appearance that I always want to be “done” I have no issue going without makeup, or my hair being a mess, but girl, my nails need to be on point. That being said I have had such a love / hate relationship with acrylics over the past 5 years or so. I will taken them off and immediately regret it, then I will get them done and think they are a pain – first world problems!

I know that acrylics are very on trend right now so Before you take the plunge here are my pros and cons


• your nails rarely break / the polish hardly ever chips

• they always look great

• your nails are all the same length – this is a big one for me ( and probably all A type personalities)

• they are relatively low maintenance as you only get them done ever 2-3 weeks, rather than doing your own which is weekly

• give you more delicate manners. This sounds totally crazy but when I have longer acrylics on I totally have softer hand movements, and am more delicate in general


• you have to pay to have them done

• it can be time consuming

• sometimes they can be painful – especially when they break!

• if you like them long, like I did, the. Everyday tasks, such as typing, can become more difficult.

• by the time you need a rebase they look pretty rough

What are your thoughts? Natural or acrylic? I can’t seem to pick a team! 😂 Happy Tuesday


DIY : pallets into baby gates

I will be the first to admit that before I had my own little one I dreaded baby gates. Once I opened them it seemed impossible to put them back the way they were; and most of them (in my opinion) were an eye sore. So once I knew our days were numbered of having a stationary baby I started thinking about what I wanted to make, and I landed on baby gates made out of pallets!

The pictures I included below are a few steps I took along the way and I ended up making two gates, one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom.

This project was almost free as I scored the pallets at no cost from my brother in law and have most of the hardware, stains and tools needed except the latches, which are very affordable.

^ don’t mind my work shoes 😝

My biggest advice when making things is to always measure twice cute once!

When brain storming I just drew up the idea for my space and measured it to fit. I was able to make two gates out of one and a half pallets and I sanded everything extremely well in addition to staining and sealing it. I would definitely also suggest pre-drilling any holes as thinner wood has the tendency to crack and split

All and all I am happy with how they turned out, but they are still in need of some touch ups (whenever I have the time) One things I am excited for is to hang a wreath on the gate at the bottom of the stairs for Christmas – cheesy, I know 😅

What are your thoughts on this DIY? Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Gender Neutral Nursery

When we found out we were expecting a little girl everyone jumped on the pink bandwagon, everyone except Jerrod and I! I had so many people give their opinions that the room should be pink, all the clothes should be pink, everything pink and it began to drive me nuts! So that being said, I went on the hunt for some nursery inspiration.

These photos of general neutral nurseries are amazing and for me was a refreshing reminder that the color wheel for babies is much larger than blue and pink! When Rosalie’s nursery was finally complete it turned out to be pretty neutral, but the curtains added the perfect amount of girly (hoping to have the nursery pics up this week) what is your opinion on nursery decor? Do you prefer classic pink or blue or love the neutral options that can be used for more than one child?

All images were sourced via my Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!


Tips for shopping at the Goodwill Outlet

We are taking thrifting to a while other level today – I am talking about Goodwill outlets. Now if you have no idea what I am talking about, worry not my friend, I am here to guide the way. The outlets look like the photo above and are just bins full of items. Some products have set prices, like books are $.58 a piece, then clothing shoes and bags are sold by the pound (I am not sure the exact price, but my guess is around $1.15 a pound) I know what you are thinking after reading that – “where is a outlet near me!?” Well, be sure to continuing reading for my tips before rushing out the door! 😜

first and foremost wear gloves! This sounds overly dramatic but a little bit of everything is in those bins (sometimes including broken items that can cut you) safely first, and don’t worry, most people do this so you won’t stick out

Get a cart even if you don’t think you will need it. Listen, at a place where you pay for things by the pound it is easy to get carried away and your arms will thank you for the forethought.

Grab it when you see it. This applies to anything you are even remotely interested in (especially lone shoes) you can always assess your finds and put things back, but good luck ever finding the exact item again!

Listen to the people that work there. Again, a obvious thing to mention, but it gets serious when they are changing out the bins, they move fast and are heavy so be alert.

Keep your -negative- opinions to yourself. Some people shop there for necessity and others for enjoyment so regardless of what your personal opinion is on items keep it to yourself.

Have fun! Shopping at the Goodwill outlet can be a inexpensive and fun thing to do with your time if you don’t take it or yourself too seriously – it’s just stuff after all!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a haul of the items I have found at the outlet? And have you ever been?