Jeans I Love and Where to Get Them

Oh, our beloved Target! I really adore all the high waisted jean options they have along with all the washes and cuts. They are great quality for the price (all pictured above are under $30.00!) and for me they fit better than many more expensive designer jeans I have owned.

Kut from the Kloth is another winner. Although these jeans are more on the expensive side they fit well, are usually soft and very comfortable and will last for years. I really am coveting the camo pair! And finally ASOS! This online fashion Mecca is amazing! Something for every style and budget. I am such a fan of not only their jeans, but all their clothing options.

What are your favorite stores for denim and basics? – Allison

DIY Diaper box update


If you are like me you hate to recycle a good box, especially diaper boxes! The are a great size and they usually have pre-cut handles (depending on the brand) Today’s DIY is super simple and will help you upgrade those boxes to functional storage. πŸ™‚


what do you think? Super simple right!? I would love to see any of your recreations πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!


MamaHood Monday : Feeling Good About Your Body After Pregnancy

^yes, I totally had a beer and a cinnamon roll right after giving birth! #EarnedIt

As a new mom there is a lot of pressure to “bounce back” after having a baby. Well, I am here to tell you that childbirth is not easy (or pretty) and mama you need some time! When I say time, I am not talking a few months, I am talking about years! I know that sounds so crazy but I read a article the other day that said some doctors believe it takes 9 months for a woman’s body to fully recover from pregnancy and birth. That is just your body getting back to normal – and there was no mention of toned abs or diets anywhere! I am a firm believer that it is okay to look human, and that means it is okay to have flaws. I thought I would share a few of my own mantras for a positive body image after baby

– being a great mom and wife is more important to me than loosing weight or having my ideal body

– food is awesome! Eat healthy but treat yourself too! You take care of a mini human everyday – you need the fuel

– treat your body well, healthy food, staying active and also caring for your mind. Positivity in all things!

– what is all over social media is not real life. (A beautiful reminder of real women being Mothers on instagram – @takebackpostpartum)

– you grew a human, you are amazing! Your body will never be exactly like it was so embrace the change!

Thanks for stopping by!


Estate Sale Tips


If you have been to my little slice of internet before you are fully aware that I love to thrift. I love the idea of finding something amazing for an very affordable price and Estate sales are no exception. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite things to look for at Estate sales.

#1 Vintage clothing, shoes and accessories – I love all things retro, vintage or just plain old so I will always look through clothing and accessories and it can definitely pay off (I found a Dior clutch for $3.00 because no one else took the time to look!) Little tip – The sizing is very different for vintage items so if you are shopping for yourself buyer beware.

#2 Vinyl Records – I have loved listening to record since I was a kid playing my parent’s collection in the basement. There is just something about the original sound of a vinyl and what’s better is they are usually very well priced. I prefer Estate Sales for records compared to Thrift stores because not only are they usually in better condition, but the collection is more specific and can often have multiples of one artist.

#3 Glassware / Pyrex – I am very old school in the fact that I love glassware / dishware. There can be a purpose for everything and it can look amazing at the same time. Since Vintage Pyrex has become so popular it has become harder to find, but matching sets by any brand in good condition I always love πŸ™‚

#4 Vintage Linens – Any sort of vintage linen I usually jump at because they are so sweet and usually hand made. I especially love the flour sack towels with embroidery for the kitchen. I actually have a set from my grandmother and a set from an estate sale that has one for each day of the week. If that is not awesome, I don’t know what is!

#5 Home Decor – sometimes the oldest style can be the most original. Various artworks that I have bought from Estate Sales I have left alone and loved as is, others you need to be able to see the potential in and update to fit your home. I love discovering mid-century modern pieces, being furniture, lamps or decor I will always consider buying it. That is until I remember that I have nowhere to put it, then I walk away sadly πŸ˜‰

what are some of your favorite things to hunt for at the thrift store or Estate sales?

Hope you have a great day! – Allison

Nordstrom Wish List

I always laugh when I see the joke about online shopping and filling your cart up, then never checking out – totally me! I love to shop, but I honestly and usually doing it at the thrift store, or places like target and TJ Maxx as this mama is on a budget! That being said I do always check out the Nordstrom sales each year and they do honestly have some great prices on some more expensive items. One year I am determined to think ahead about the sale and save my money for it so I can splurge a little – I mean, those Gucci boots. oh. my. god… πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite sales to shop?

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday


DIY Wall Art


I was inspired to do my own version of this project by the queen of DIY herself, Mr.Kate. She did a more simplified version of this on her YouTube channel (if you are not already subscribed you should be! She is so awesome!) I could not stop thinking about it so I originally made one as a gift for a friends birthday, but I liked it so much I created my own. (pictured above)

First off you will need quite a few supplies and a few power tools

-24 x 24 piece of wood

-paint (I did white and tan mixed for the background, then golds, purples and grey for the circle but as with all DIY’s choose whatever fits you and your space best)Β 

-lights (found mine at target – they looked like mini Christmas lights)

-hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks


-saw (if wood has not already been cut to size)Β 

-sand paper



I started out with my plain pieces of wood cut to the dimensions I wanted


Next I painted each square white (i also added some tan so it would not be flat white) and let that dry.


Once dry I used a string and pen / pencil to make my rough circle shape (You can also trace something or free hand it)


Going off my sketch I did a quick outline of gold paint, marked my constellations and drilled my holes.


Once this step is complete I would advise taking pictures to remember your constellations. Then you can paint the circle whatever color you like and let thoroughly dry.


This step optional if you don’t like the look of the lines, but if you want to include them you will then connect your constellations with a paint pen (again, any color you like) let his dry until your a confident it will not smudge.


Finally you can turn that bad boy over and start gluing in your lights. (Not pictured, but I also did a inch frame around the back of the piece to contain the lights and so it would rest flat on the wall once hung. This also hides the cords when looking at it from the side but you are welcome to skip this step if you like)


Install a wire on the back to hang it and viola! what do you think? If you are inspired to make your own please tag me so I can see πŸ™‚ @babyfacebetty on Instagram


MamaHood Monday Vol. 10

We all have bad days and babies are no exception. Whether it is gas, teething, exhaustion or just a bad mood here are a few of the things that Jerrod and I do to still have a great family day even if Ro is a not-so-happy baby.

  1. Eliminate the obvious – make sure baby is fed, changed and also comfortable. Comfortable can mean different things for different babies – but I always like to make sure her clothes are comfy, no tags a bugging her, and she can move freely; also that she is not too hot or cold.
  2. Don’t get frustrated! – Believe me when I say that I completely understanding how trying it can be to hear a baby cry and not be able to sooth said baby. I know that sometimes we can get flustered when the regular fixes don’t work, but we try our best no to get frustrated! I am a firm believer that babies can pick up on your emotions and will also mimic them, so stay positive, and if need be place the baby in a safe area and step away for a moment if you need a breather.
  3. Stay positive and talk to your little one – This works really well for me and Ro when she is having a hard time. Sometimes I just need to sit down and talk to her until I get a smile. Once I have her smiling we are usually able to play or give her a toy and “distract” her from her baby troubles.
  4. Pay attention to your partner – This one might sound a little odd, but it is very important to pay attention to your partner and know when to let them tap out if it becomes too much. This weekend I was in the garage working on a DIY baby gate (post coming soon) and I had the door cracked to hear Jerrod and the baby; after a certain point of Ro being fussy I could tell patience was wearing thin and I was time for mama to take a break from my project and for Jerrod to take a break for baby duty.

Everyone has different ways to make not-so-good days better and these are just a few of the things that work for us. (again, every baby is different so take my suggestions with a grain of salt πŸ™‚ ) How do you improve a bad day for yourself or your kids?

happy Monday! – Allison