Fall Activities – Date Night or Family

I am sure by now you are tired of hearing that Fall is my favorite season but it really is! There is just something about it that makes my heart happy (and even more so with a little one!) Even though this time of year until the new year our calendar really fills up I still try to pack as many fun Fall activities in before the weather turns too cold. Here are a few of my favorites…


– Visit a Pumpkin Patch : usually pumpkin patches have games and activities as well as a very wide verity of pumpkins so it is definitely a few hours of entertainment for the family

– Carve a Pumpkin : a tradition that most people have but still fun to do as a family especially when the kids can start to design their own faces (I remember this from when I was little)

– Pick Seasonal Fruit then cook with it : I have never actually done this but I have always wanted too! Maybe next year (When Rosie is bigger) we can go apple picking and then make homemade apple pie with grandma! (She makes the best pie crusts!)

– Explore your local events – This year we went to Pumpkin Nights and it was awesome! And they even encourage costumes so all the kids were having a blast -definitely recommended

– Take a hay ride : supper cliche but still fun!

Date Nights

– Make a Bonfire and have Spiked cider (or a drink of your choice) – I love to sit outside in the fall. The world is changing and it seems to be quieting down for winter. What is better than nature, your BOO thang ๐Ÿ˜ and a delicious beverage!

– Watch a black and white horror film : I love old movies and they are even better when they are seasonal. If you have never seen Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder you have got to watch it! One of the best movies ever!

^Rosie is all about holding mugs ๐Ÿ˜

– Go For a Drive : if you are in Colorado like me then this best time to do this has passed as the leaves in the mountains turn really quickly, but it town they are still stunning and definitely worth a drive

– Plan a Game Night : Sometimes enjoying a night without technology is just what you need. We love to plan game nights with hot toddy’s or coco; it really sets the mood for fall and is a great way to spread quality time with your spouse.

What are some of the things you like to do in the Fall with your family or SO?

Talk to you soon!


Our First Couples Trip Since Baby

Jerrod and I were lucky enough to be gifted a trip to Las Vegas and it was our first time being away from our little one. I totally expected to cry a lot being without Rosie, but I surprisingly did not! It was honestly very refreshing to have time just for us as a couple even though we did talk about her ALL THE TIME.

I am really looking forward to all the family trips we will take together, but couple time is needed too! What are some some things that you do with your SO for quality time together whether you have kids or not.

Happy Tuesday!


12 Things – Life and Myself Since Motherhood

The moment you take a pregnancy test and you see those two little lines your life is forever different. You always imagine the kind of parent you will be, but as with many things in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned – sometimes they are better!

Since Rosalie is turning one this week I have been thinking about all wonderful ways life has changed and I have changed since motherhood and also some of my favorite things about being a mom – read on ๐Ÿ˜

1. Since having a baby I have so much love to give! Love for my own mother and family, love for my husband who helped me create this little babes, and TONS of love for my baby. (I have love before but it is different since having a baby of my own)

2. My growing support and respect for other moms and women. Let’s be real, women are the most resilient, amazing creatures on earth and when we support each other amazing things can happen.

3 My ever lasting patience – this is a bit of a joke, but my patience before and after baby are drastically different. Rosalie has helped me grow is so many aspects of life ๐Ÿ˜˜

4. Appreciation of time – Sadly we are not in a position (yet) for me to stay at home with Rosalie so our time together is very precious. That being said I am now much more aware of how my time is spent

5. I always have someone to cuddle with ๐Ÿ˜

6. I love watching her experience new things – especially food!

7. Since becoming a mom I have a whole new understanding of other parents and how they raise their children

8. I have a constant motivation to try harder at anything I do

9. Adore the fact that Jerrod and I are Rosalie’s while world right now – I love that I get to take care of her all day, everyday

10. Rosalie has given me the chance to see the world through another set of eyes and it never gets old

11. I am able to share things I loved as a child with her now – best feeling ever โ™ฅ๏ธ

12. I love that being a mom is something I will never not be. I will always be Rosalie’s mother and she will always be my daughter

What is something you love about being a parent? Or something that you are really looking forward to? Also apologies for the lack of posts last week! It was Rosalie’s first birthday party this past Saturday so I was very busy – happy Monday


Healthy Changes…

After becoming a mom, and also getting close to turning 30 I am trying to make some better choices for myself and my family. This means improved eating habits, staying active, and also taking care of my mind. Today, I wanted to share some of the healthy changes I have been making, and I few I hope to start doing.

  1. water, water, water! I am a big water drinker and am currentlyย  trying to get back to how much I drank each day before my pregnancy (I had bad morning sickness and some days could not even keep down water) Lately, the only way I drink water is with tons of lemon – this in itself has its own health benefits – but I think is it so refreshing and I love having lemons in the house all the time ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. One treat a day – I will be the first one to admit that I can go a bit crazy with junk food and sweets so I have been trying for the past few years to limit myself to one treat a day. Now my definition of treat can vary from yours, but if I have coffee with sugar in the morning that is usually it for the day. I definitely still indulge on occasion, but everything in moderation
  3. Look at the food you are buying – This one is huge in our house! we always look at ingredients and try to find the most healthy, least processed food possible. We are really trying to stay away from packaged food (my withdrawal from chips has been rough) and we have recently decided to start only shopping at Sprouts (similar to Whole Foods but much more affordable)
  4. Be active and feel accomplished – this is a goal I am still working towards as I do have a 9-5 that requires me to sit at a desk each day, and this does not mean you need to go to the gym ( I loath the gym) For me this means I need to do something each day that makes me feel accomplished; whether that is working on a DIY project, mowing the lawn, actively playing with Rosie. Being active does not have to do with loosing weight or any of that BS, it is more about feeling good about the day when your head hits the pillow.
  5. Stop being your own worst critic – This one is the hardest for me because as the saying goes “doubt will kill more dreams that failure ever will” I get really excited about projects and once I encounter a roadblock I will start to loose steam. I am not one to give up on things, but I can easily feel discourage, but that is going to change! everyone starts somewhere and if other people can have success so can I ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. remove yourself from negative situations – a healthy mind is SO important and negative people and situations will do nothing for you. I will fess up to the fact that on occasion I am a gossip, but lately I have really been trying to let things good and focus on the things that bring me happiness.

What are some healthy goals you have? Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.


MamaHood – New Mom advice

Our baby girl is turning 9 moths old tomorrow and I cannot believe it! All at once it seems like she was just born, but like she has also been with us forever. I don’t remember life before her, and I never want to experience new things without her. The love a mother feels for her children is truly unlike anything else.

With all this being said (and also since I missed this weeks MamaHood Monday – whoops!) I thought I would share some of the worst advice that I received as a new mom, and why I think it is so bad!

1. Don’t hold your baby too much, you will spoil them. When I was told this and even hearing it now makes me so mad! How on earth can you love a child too much? And also you have this little person that is used to being with you all the time so yes, they still want to be with you once they are born. Newborns cannot self sooth contrary to what the internet says so holding them and keeping them close is how we comfort them.

2. Sleep when the baby sleeps I hated hearing this because people make it seem like you have nothing else to do but put the baby down for a nap then grab some Z’s yourself. Um, no, that is not how it is. There are dishes, laundry, bills, and don’t forget your spouse and showering! Like anything else, there is not enough time in the day and for us it was important to not only catch some sleep but also keep the house tidy. I can live in more of a mess than my husband, but luckily he was able to take 2 weeks off to help when our little one arrived so I would do most of the baby duties and he would do most everything around the house.

3. If your first baby is good your next will be a terror I still get told this on almost a weekly basis and it drives me nuts. Our little one is a very calm and happy girl, don’t get me wrong she has her meltdowns, but we also take her everywhere so she is used to being out and about. People will see how laidback she is and the conversation always goes the same – is she your first? Oh, she is so calm. You know what they say, the next one will be a terror. (Insert me internally screaming here) I 1000% think that thought process is ridiculous. I think babies and children act based off of what our reactions and energies are. (Hippy Trippy, I know)

4. You have to start sleep training your baby ASAP! As I mentioned before newborns cannot self sooth and therefore you can’t sleep train them! (We were also given this advise from my doctor and all the nurses when we delivered) babies are meant to wake up at night and they are designed to eat every two to three hours in the beginning. Believe me Mama, I know it can be tiring but your little on needs you, and it will be over before you know if. Dare I say you might even miss it at some point! Bedtime routines are really great to start early (we started at one month) and by the time your baby is not needing to eat at night getting them asleep and keeping them asleep will be so much easier.

5. It is so important to breastfeed This one is something I hate hearing people say because I really struggled in this department. Like many of the women in my family I could not produce enough to keep Ro at a healthy weight so we switched to formula and she thrived! This was also super frustrating because my boobs got huge and there was nothing in them!!! I would have loved to breastfeed my daughter, but I had such guilt, frustration and lots of tears that I finally said screw it and it lifted so much weight off my shoulders! Breast is great, but for some women it is not a option, a fed baby is a happy baby ๐Ÿ˜

What are other pieces of advice you have hear people give that drive you crazy?

Thanks for reading,


MamaHood Monday Vol 5

As a new mom you really have no idea what things will be a saving grace in certain situations, nighttime included! For this weeks MamaHood Monday I thought I would share five of my favorite night-time items for baby.

Wearable Blankets Being a new mom means that you also get overloaded with information and advice, part of this being how baby should be sleeping and in what, with or without a blanket. The blanket/swaddled thing always really freaked me out so a wearable blanket was where it was at for me, and Ro is still sleeping in them every night! I love these, but if you wantย  a more affordable option I always suggest checking out the thrift store first!

Sleep Sacks – These are so great! Since we live in Colorado the winter nights can get really cold, so one of these with long socks, or with a wearable blanket over is perfect. Ro stays cozy, but never gets too hot. I love the long-sleeved ones found here (I also see these at the thrift store a lot as well)

Oil Diffuser – I have talked about oil diffusers before, and they really are so wonderful! At night putting lavender oil in them; it really makes all the difference in how not only the baby sleeps, but also my husband and I. We ordered this one and I love that is lasts so long and the colors change ๐Ÿ™‚

Night light – I know this one seems pretty obvious, but when we brought baby home, we did not even have one night-light! now we have them all over! We bought this exact one and I love it because it has sensors and turns on and off automatically based on the surrounding light.

Crib Mobile – This also may be something that a lot people buy right away, but we did not as my thought was it is cute, but not necessary. Well, I will admit that it is not required, it does really help calm the baby and almost hypnotize her to sleep. (this goes back to my nighttime routine post about putting baby down drowsy but not asleep found here) We bought one similar to this and it looks so cute in her room (nursery photos coming soon)

I hope you liked this Top 5, I would love to hear any holy grail items you have for baby – have a great day wherever you are!


Favorites for Babies Skin (and Mine)

Most new parents aren’t sure what to use for baby’s skin and there are so many options. I know that when we had our daughter we received many different bath and body items and still were not sure what to use! I am super conscious about the things that I use on myself, and it only got worse once I have our little one.

Our daughter is almost 8 months old now and for the entire time I was pregnant, and since she was born her and I both use Burt’s Bees products along with coconut oil. I loved the Mama Bees lotion for my belly during pregnancy, I felt good using it because it was almost all natural, affordable and super hydrating. The only thing I did not like was the scent, but I was overly sensitive to smells – as most women are when pregnant! My nightly routine was cover my entire body with coconut oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, then cover my entire body with Mama Bees lotion. I do think that part of the battle against stretch marks is keeping your skin moisturized, but it is also genetic! That being said, if you get them (I have them, just not from pregnancy) be proud of them, you created a human. ๐Ÿ™‚

For my little one, we do essentially the same thing, coconut oil, then Burt’s Bees Baby. If you are in warmer climates this may seem like over kill, but we are in Colorado with 0% humidity so we all need it! I also wanted to mention that I have eczema and the combination of Burt’s Bees and coconut oil really helps.

Find Mama Beeย here

Baby Bees Shampoo and Wash here

Baby Bees Lotion here

and Virgin coconut oil hereย ย (love this brand as well! I will have a blog post soon about all the things I use coconut oil for.)

I would love to her your favorite lotions and bath time products for you and baby – hope you are having a great day wherever you are!