Chic Skull Decor

Do you ever have those weeks on end when you feel like you have no extra time? The house is a disaster, work is stressful, family craziness – when does it end!? Well it has been like that for me for two weeks and BabyFaceBetty has been lacking because of it. That being said, I will do better! Any-who on to the post….

I am sure you saw that title and was like, girl what!? But I am totally into skull decor! For Halloween or not – I think the human body is fascinating so I love anatomy books, skulls and all sorts of that fun stuff! I am so excited for Halloween and have already been searching Pinterest for craft ideas to share (and before you say so I am fully aware it is still September, I won’t pop peoples Christmas bubble so please don’t pop my Halloween one, lol)

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Gender Neutral Nursery

When we found out we were expecting a little girl everyone jumped on the pink bandwagon, everyone except Jerrod and I! I had so many people give their opinions that the room should be pink, all the clothes should be pink, everything pink and it began to drive me nuts! So that being said, I went on the hunt for some nursery inspiration.

These photos of general neutral nurseries are amazing and for me was a refreshing reminder that the color wheel for babies is much larger than blue and pink! When Rosalie’s nursery was finally complete it turned out to be pretty neutral, but the curtains added the perfect amount of girly (hoping to have the nursery pics up this week) what is your opinion on nursery decor? Do you prefer classic pink or blue or love the neutral options that can be used for more than one child?

All images were sourced via my Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!


Small projects that can make a big impact

If you have been here for a while you know I love DIY and it never stops amazing me what a coat of spray paint can do for some things! Recently I spray painted our floor and wall vents a deep espresso brown and I am obsessed.

This was the situation before hand – awful, I know!

This small update cost me a total of 6 bucks for the spray paint and made our home look so much more updated. (It was built in 2003 and the previous owners did not upgrade anything during building or during the time they lived in the home) see below for a before and after of a wall vent, such a improvement!

What are some budget friendly things you have done to your home to update it?


DIY projects on my to do list

I am a lover of most do-it-yourself projects, but there is something about summer that gets me extra pumped! I truly feel fulfilled when I am able to create things on my own. Below are my top 7 projects I am hoping to complete in the next several months. You can find them all here on my “Fake it ’til you make it” Pinterest board. Happy DIY-ing!

img_5247This dress made out of slips is not so much a DIY but a major source of inspiration when I am out thrifting. This is so gorgeous and all it took was a little imagination 🙃


This cute llama rock / paper weight / whatever you want to use it for. It puts a smile on my face and what other reason do you need!


unique and super cute garden signs. Sometimes I need all the help I can get! 😉


a pom pom basket – what else needs to be said? This thing is amazing


Wood and leather mason jar vases. These would be so awesome outside!


fruit slice umbrellas – would be so cute for Rosalie’s first birthday


and finally Aspen candle holders; simple and chic for the patio or can be used around the holidays as well.

Do you have any DIYs you are excited to complete this summer?


DIY Diaper box update


If you are like me you hate to recycle a good box, especially diaper boxes! The are a great size and they usually have pre-cut handles (depending on the brand) Today’s DIY is super simple and will help you upgrade those boxes to functional storage. 🙂


what do you think? Super simple right!? I would love to see any of your recreations 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


Estate Sale Tips


If you have been to my little slice of internet before you are fully aware that I love to thrift. I love the idea of finding something amazing for an very affordable price and Estate sales are no exception. Today I thought I would share my top 5 favorite things to look for at Estate sales.

#1 Vintage clothing, shoes and accessories – I love all things retro, vintage or just plain old so I will always look through clothing and accessories and it can definitely pay off (I found a Dior clutch for $3.00 because no one else took the time to look!) Little tip – The sizing is very different for vintage items so if you are shopping for yourself buyer beware.

#2 Vinyl Records – I have loved listening to record since I was a kid playing my parent’s collection in the basement. There is just something about the original sound of a vinyl and what’s better is they are usually very well priced. I prefer Estate Sales for records compared to Thrift stores because not only are they usually in better condition, but the collection is more specific and can often have multiples of one artist.

#3 Glassware / Pyrex – I am very old school in the fact that I love glassware / dishware. There can be a purpose for everything and it can look amazing at the same time. Since Vintage Pyrex has become so popular it has become harder to find, but matching sets by any brand in good condition I always love 🙂

#4 Vintage Linens – Any sort of vintage linen I usually jump at because they are so sweet and usually hand made. I especially love the flour sack towels with embroidery for the kitchen. I actually have a set from my grandmother and a set from an estate sale that has one for each day of the week. If that is not awesome, I don’t know what is!

#5 Home Decor – sometimes the oldest style can be the most original. Various artworks that I have bought from Estate Sales I have left alone and loved as is, others you need to be able to see the potential in and update to fit your home. I love discovering mid-century modern pieces, being furniture, lamps or decor I will always consider buying it. That is until I remember that I have nowhere to put it, then I walk away sadly 😉

what are some of your favorite things to hunt for at the thrift store or Estate sales?

Hope you have a great day! – Allison

DIY Dino Planters

Dinosaurs and metallics = best project ever! These guys are so easy to make and such a statement piece. I can’t wait to put these on my desk to keep me company during the work day. Follow the photos below for a quick tutorial to make some of your own 🙂

I started with these 3 guys purchased from the Dollar Tree. They are the harder plaster kind as you do what them to be somewhat sturdy since you will drill / cut into them.

Next I did a rough outline of where I wanted the hole to be, then drilled holes around it for easier cutting. You can use wire cutters or a blade to completely cut out the hole (I found a blade easier to work with) then sand the edges and seams before painting.

I chose to do metallics (silver, gold and rose gold – the brands are listed above) Metallics will accentuate any flaws so make sure to take your time sanding / prepping.

Finally you will just want to fill you dinosaurs with moss and succulents. I got all my supplies from the dollar store and used faux plants for convince reasons, but real plants would be amazing if you life in a more forgiving climate.

What do you think?!

Hope your day is great 😉