Favorite Halloween Movies and Treats

I feel like October is the beginning of “human hibernation season” meaning time to start staying indoors and eating a lot… Although many people dread this time of year because of those things I try to enjoy it while it is here and cozy up with the family. Today I thought I would share my favorite Halloween movies and treats for once the kids are in bed, after all, tis the season!


Halloween is my all time favorite scary movie and there is no treat that represents Fall and Halloween more than a caramel / candy apple. You can make this dip, or just get the container of caramel dip in the produce section at the grocery store. Or you can be a real OG and make the real deal caramel apples. either way it is a very seldom had treat and totally necessary for fall.


If you have never seen the movie Cabin in the Woods then you are missing out! This is not your typical slasher movie and has some major twists. Definitely one I can watch over and over again – the merman makes the entire movie worth it! I am also a big fan of salty and sweet so homemade popcorn on the stove with some M&Ms mixed in is the perfect treat to share.


I have never met someone who does not like Hocus Pocus, and if you are the first then BYE! Bette Midler is queen and no matter how many times I see this it never gets old. Cinema gold people! And I know that we already talked about green apples, but this green apple licorice is bomb! it can be somewhat hard to find, but I am usually able to track some down at Sprouts. If you have never had it before and try it let me know what you think


I had never seen Trick R’ Treat until a few Halloweens ago and it is now one of my favorites. I don’t think it is very popular so some of you may have no idea what it is, but if you love Halloween and scary movies it is worth the $3 to rent. Also, I know all the other treats have been sweets, but I am a big meat and cheese girl so I had to include this. I usually will choose savory over sweet so this would be my first choice for any movie night.

What are some of your season food and movie favorites?


October First : My Checklist

It seems like every Fall season I have a million things I want to do but I always seem to loose track of time and can never complete them all (I think this is just adult life, right!?) Well I am going to start a experiment this month for my fun “to do’s” and see if that helps me accomplish them. At the end of the month I will do another post and own up to the things I was not able to accomplish. See below for my handful of fun things to do in October…

I am curious to know if any of you use a productivity planner or how you keep your to do’s in order – let me know in the comments

Have a great start to the week!


DIY : pallets into baby gates

I will be the first to admit that before I had my own little one I dreaded baby gates. Once I opened them it seemed impossible to put them back the way they were; and most of them (in my opinion) were an eye sore. So once I knew our days were numbered of having a stationary baby I started thinking about what I wanted to make, and I landed on baby gates made out of pallets!

The pictures I included below are a few steps I took along the way and I ended up making two gates, one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom.

This project was almost free as I scored the pallets at no cost from my brother in law and have most of the hardware, stains and tools needed except the latches, which are very affordable.

^ don’t mind my work shoes ๐Ÿ˜

My biggest advice when making things is to always measure twice cute once!

When brain storming I just drew up the idea for my space and measured it to fit. I was able to make two gates out of one and a half pallets and I sanded everything extremely well in addition to staining and sealing it. I would definitely also suggest pre-drilling any holes as thinner wood has the tendency to crack and split

All and all I am happy with how they turned out, but they are still in need of some touch ups (whenever I have the time) One things I am excited for is to hang a wreath on the gate at the bottom of the stairs for Christmas – cheesy, I know ๐Ÿ˜…

What are your thoughts on this DIY? Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Gender Neutral Nursery

When we found out we were expecting a little girl everyone jumped on the pink bandwagon, everyone except Jerrod and I! I had so many people give their opinions that the room should be pink, all the clothes should be pink, everything pink and it began to drive me nuts! So that being said, I went on the hunt for some nursery inspiration.

These photos of general neutral nurseries are amazing and for me was a refreshing reminder that the color wheel for babies is much larger than blue and pink! When Rosalie’s nursery was finally complete it turned out to be pretty neutral, but the curtains added the perfect amount of girly (hoping to have the nursery pics up this week) what is your opinion on nursery decor? Do you prefer classic pink or blue or love the neutral options that can be used for more than one child?

All images were sourced via my Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!


Small projects that can make a big impact

If you have been here for a while you know I love DIY and it never stops amazing me what a coat of spray paint can do for some things! Recently I spray painted our floor and wall vents a deep espresso brown and I am obsessed.

This was the situation before hand – awful, I know!

This small update cost me a total of 6 bucks for the spray paint and made our home look so much more updated. (It was built in 2003 and the previous owners did not upgrade anything during building or during the time they lived in the home) see below for a before and after of a wall vent, such a improvement!

What are some budget friendly things you have done to your home to update it?


My Favorite Low Maintenance Houseplants


The more and moreย I change our decor and redecorate our house the more plants I add and the more “things” I get rid of. I am still working on becoming a green thumb and have definitely killed a few plants in my day; but that being said I feel like I am on an upswing and all my green friends are doing great! Because I am in a good place with all my plants, I thought I would share a few of my favorite, low-maintenance house plants.


  1. succulents – They are hands down my favorite, so easy (since they are a part of the cactus family) and so dang cute. Just make sure to have acquit drainage, if not they will drown and die.
  2. Vinca Vine – I love these vines in hanging baskets – they just look so chic! We have them in our bathroom and they love the humidity and grow super quickly
  3. Snake Plant aka Mother-In-Laws Tongue – That name is enough to sell me on these! They can go up to a month without water and consistently look great throughout the year.
  4. Yucca Plant – These are perfect if you want a more tropical look. Mine has been growing like crazy and I just water it once a week, and keep it in a sunny area.
  5. Pathos Plant – We have several pots of these around the house and I love them. They look great all the time and since it is a vine like plant the are wonderful for decorating. ( I have seen a lot of people put them on top of their cabinets)
  6. Palm Plant –ย there are many variations of these guys and I love all of them. As you would assume they love the sun but need to be watered weekly on average.

I think my next plant purchase will be a rubber plant. Do you have any plant favorites?


DIY Dino Planters

Dinosaurs and metallics = best project ever! These guys are so easy to make and such a statement piece. I can’t wait to put these on my desk to keep me company during the work day. Follow the photos below for a quick tutorial to make some of your own ๐Ÿ™‚

I started with these 3 guys purchased from the Dollar Tree. They are the harder plaster kind as you do what them to be somewhat sturdy since you will drill / cut into them.

Next I did a rough outline of where I wanted the hole to be, then drilled holes around it for easier cutting. You can use wire cutters or a blade to completely cut out the hole (I found a blade easier to work with) then sand the edges and seams before painting.

I chose to do metallics (silver, gold and rose gold – the brands are listed above) Metallics will accentuate any flaws so make sure to take your time sanding / prepping.

Finally you will just want to fill you dinosaurs with moss and succulents. I got all my supplies from the dollar store and used faux plants for convince reasons, but real plants would be amazing if you life in a more forgiving climate.

What do you think?!

Hope your day is great ๐Ÿ˜‰


Decorating with Plants

The older I get the more I understand the saying “less is more” especially when it comes to home decor. I have found it to be more and more of a joy to get rid of things and that is something I though I would never say!

I love having plants around the house and try to have at least one in every room. As cheesy as it sounds they bring me joy, and I believe they give our home a great energy. My favorites right now are Fickly Fig, succulents and cacti. Above are some rooms I am drooling over that I found when scrolling Pinterest. They are so gorgeous! What are some of your favorite indoor plants?


DIY Banister Update – Part 3

Even though it is late I am still getting this up on Sunday! ( yes, I am patting myself on the back right now ) this DIY has been such a pain in my rear that for this final banister post I wanted to pass on my learned-the-hard-way wisdom.

#1 Don’t rush the preparation! I will admit that I did everything the way I was advised to but I only had a limited amount of time to get it ready while grandma watched the little one. So if I had to do it again – which I won’t, EVER – I would definitely set aside more time for prep work.

#2 If you are in doubt when buying supplies buy more than you think you need and keep your receipt! The worst thing ever is when you are working on a project and you run out of something and you have to make the drive all the way back to Home Depot. I would also suggest making a list before you go, whatever is not used just return.

#3 Cover your flooring extremely well. I would even go as far as to suggest taping your tarps to the floor so nothing moves out of place. I did not do this and our carpet got quite a few paint drip (sorry babe)

#4 Remove your painters tape when the paint is tacky, do not wait until your paint is dry. Not only will you life up your tape, but also portions of paint off you banister Yikes!

#5 know when to call it quits. This is very hard advice for me to follow especially when I start to get frustrated with a project. I want to keep at it until it is perfect and in reality, especially with this DIY, it was / is never going to be perfect so I just needed to walk away. To be honest I knew this project would be a major undertaking, but even then I underestimated it!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments ๐Ÿ˜


DIY Banister Update – Part 2

Welcome back! If you are reading this than that means you are interested in seeing (and hearing) about this hellacious DIY project. (Please note that all the photos in this post are the finished project, sadly my camera deleted the “in progress” photos)

We left off in part one with prepping the banister, and the next thing I did was use Kilz as a primer (this is what was suggested during my research and at Home Depot) I have personally never worked with this product before and it was odd to say the least. It is more of a thin consistency than paint, has major fumes, is oil based (so it will be on you and your clothes for-ev-er) and the kicker is after a certain point it is literally like painting with honey.

-I’m sure you are now starting to understand why I ended up hating this project so much-

So after a good solid coat of that I took a break to let it fully dry then started with my semi gloss Behr paint. I just chose bright white – the standard color and I do love it. I figured two to three coats would do the trick… more like 4 coats and the sealer! At one point I did take apart the banister in sections (like I mentioned in part one) and did each piece individually, and although this was so much more labor intensive I regret not doing this from the beginning because it would look so much better.

After the paint was dry I when over most everything with a polyurethane top coat. The first few days it looked great, but after 4 or 5 it started to yellow!

-As you can imaging I was ready to take a sledge hammer to this thing! –

So I lightly sanded it and put a very thin layer of paint over certain areas. It definitely turned out more rustic than I wanted and I am still nowhere near happy with it, but it is a major improvement from the cat scratched beat up oak.

Make sure to stop by on Sunday when I will have my final post in this series about what to do different, what I learned and all the products I used.

Hope you are having a great day!