MamaHood Monday : Teething Favorites


Every new parent knows the struggle that it teething. Not only is it a unpleasant experience for your baby, but it really sucks being in a situation where not much comforts your little one. Well the good news is that in this day and age you are bound to find a product that works for you and your little love. Today I am sharing my top five favorites and a few tips that worked for us as well.

#1. Nuby Ring 

Rosalie loved this thing! so stimulating to hold and chew on and she loved the primary colors. It is also awesome to throw in the fridge for a few and once chilled is a good source of relief

2. Banana Toothbrush / Teether

At Rosie’s one year appointment the doctor suggested we start brushing her teeth, even if it was not with toothpaste. After hearing this I remembered that I received two of these bananas at my baby shower so they came out of the closet and got put to use. I love them because they not only brush her teeth, but she also uses them as teething relief and as a toy.

3. Latch Pacifier 

If you have been here for a while you know I love these pacifiers! They are my complete favorite and Rosie’s (when she does take a pacifier these are the only ones)


4. Nuby Teething Keys

These are a oldie but a goodie! My mom made me get these before Rosalie even started teething and I was so thankful that she did. You are able to cool it in the fridge or freezer and boy does it help. I also really like these keys because I can use a pacifier lanyard to clip them somewhere so there is no chance they will be thrown* on the ground.


5. Fresh Food Feeder

If you are not familiar with these I am sure it looks completely odd, but it is such a good idea! a way for your little one to enjoy large foods safely – For us it was all sorts of melon. I will definitely suggest cold watermelon (or any melon) if you have a baby teething around the summer. healthy food, and a cool relief on those little gums.


My last few tips for a teething baby is to first, have lots of patience – remember your little one is in pain so they are going to need you!

Sometimes a cold or frozen towel will do the trick – Rosie used to gnaw on all her blankets!

And finally, playing helps. Keeping their mind off of the discomfort makes it more enjoyable for all, and it may be a challenge to get them to sleep, but hopefully all that play wore them out enough that they will stay that way!

Hop you are having a great start to the week!


MamaHood Monday – 12 Favorite things

Raising a human is the most difficult and amazing job in the world. To choose only 12 things I love about my little one was hard to do because even when I feel like I am loosing it I still love every moment! Read on to hear 12 things I love about my Rosie Bug 😍

1. Her laughter! Nothing is better in the whole entire world!

2. Her chit chat, excitement and intense enthusiasm for things

3. Her reaction to seeing her daddy – such a big smile that she reserves just for him – my heart melts a little everything I get to see it

4. The way she sleeps with her butt in the air – I guess I did this as a child as well, but it just cracks me up.

5. Her happiness every morning – she is such a happy child and wakes up everyday smiling and ready to play (but like all of us she does have some bad days)

6. The way she loves her fur brothers – now that she is mobile she is fascinated with the dogs, and she laughs at them all the time.

7. The way she sneaks food to the dogs – you can’t get the dogs to leave her alone when she is eating, and over the past week she tries to sneak them food. The dogs are so gentle with her it is sweet

8. The way she falls asleep with me on the weekend mornings

– like any normal person we don’t like to get up early on the weekends but Rosie is used to it. So if she wakes up around our normal time, I will get her a fresh diaper and then it is time to cuddle and snooze with momma for a hour or two. A little slice of heaven

9. Her love of reading – we have read before going to bed for almost every night since she was born. She loves the books and I get extra snuggle time – win win!

10. The way she initiates Pick a boo and never gets tired of it – now that she is able to grab a blanket and start the game it is a while new level of fun!

11. The way she stretches! She straightens her legs and pushes out her belly – cutest thing ever!

12. Her willingness to try anything – Rosalie is a cool customer and rarely dislikes anything that she tries. This can be food or and activity – she just wants to be where the action is

I cannot believe that she will be one in a little over a week, time moves so differently when you are a parent! I am sure by the time her birthday arrives this list will be completely different

Happy Monday,


MamaHood – New Mom advice

Our baby girl is turning 9 moths old tomorrow and I cannot believe it! All at once it seems like she was just born, but like she has also been with us forever. I don’t remember life before her, and I never want to experience new things without her. The love a mother feels for her children is truly unlike anything else.

With all this being said (and also since I missed this weeks MamaHood Monday – whoops!) I thought I would share some of the worst advice that I received as a new mom, and why I think it is so bad!

1. Don’t hold your baby too much, you will spoil them. When I was told this and even hearing it now makes me so mad! How on earth can you love a child too much? And also you have this little person that is used to being with you all the time so yes, they still want to be with you once they are born. Newborns cannot self sooth contrary to what the internet says so holding them and keeping them close is how we comfort them.

2. Sleep when the baby sleeps I hated hearing this because people make it seem like you have nothing else to do but put the baby down for a nap then grab some Z’s yourself. Um, no, that is not how it is. There are dishes, laundry, bills, and don’t forget your spouse and showering! Like anything else, there is not enough time in the day and for us it was important to not only catch some sleep but also keep the house tidy. I can live in more of a mess than my husband, but luckily he was able to take 2 weeks off to help when our little one arrived so I would do most of the baby duties and he would do most everything around the house.

3. If your first baby is good your next will be a terror I still get told this on almost a weekly basis and it drives me nuts. Our little one is a very calm and happy girl, don’t get me wrong she has her meltdowns, but we also take her everywhere so she is used to being out and about. People will see how laidback she is and the conversation always goes the same – is she your first? Oh, she is so calm. You know what they say, the next one will be a terror. (Insert me internally screaming here) I 1000% think that thought process is ridiculous. I think babies and children act based off of what our reactions and energies are. (Hippy Trippy, I know)

4. You have to start sleep training your baby ASAP! As I mentioned before newborns cannot self sooth and therefore you can’t sleep train them! (We were also given this advise from my doctor and all the nurses when we delivered) babies are meant to wake up at night and they are designed to eat every two to three hours in the beginning. Believe me Mama, I know it can be tiring but your little on needs you, and it will be over before you know if. Dare I say you might even miss it at some point! Bedtime routines are really great to start early (we started at one month) and by the time your baby is not needing to eat at night getting them asleep and keeping them asleep will be so much easier.

5. It is so important to breastfeed This one is something I hate hearing people say because I really struggled in this department. Like many of the women in my family I could not produce enough to keep Ro at a healthy weight so we switched to formula and she thrived! This was also super frustrating because my boobs got huge and there was nothing in them!!! I would have loved to breastfeed my daughter, but I had such guilt, frustration and lots of tears that I finally said screw it and it lifted so much weight off my shoulders! Breast is great, but for some women it is not a option, a fed baby is a happy baby 😍

What are other pieces of advice you have hear people give that drive you crazy?

Thanks for reading,


MamaHood Monday Vol 8

If you are anything like my husband and I our two dogs were our children before we had our daughter, and they still are so I consider myself a mother of three, not one 🤪 Also like us, if you are a dog parent and also expecting or have a little one you probably also have fears regarding your fur children and your human children. I have to say my husband was a lot more concerned than I was, not for any reason in particular, but just like people each dog has a dog different personality and can react different to each situation. (Our younger dog in most the pictures above was Jerrod’s main concern because he is my dog (jealousy issues), but he has become Ro’s main protector and buddy) So all this being said we went in search of some tips to help our pups cope with the big change.

First things first all the baby stuff you get before the little one arrives is very exciting for your pup! We let the dogs go crazy sniffing all the stuff (and washed everything afterwards of course) this gets them somewhat accustomed to the new smells and gear that comes with a new baby. We never discouraged them from being curious, only if they tried to steal things 😅

Some people said to play recording of crying newborns before you deliver too but we never did this. I personally didn’t want to because I thought it would cause more confusion for the dogs rather than prepare them.

This is the big one that I recommend to a lot of people – if possible before the baby is brought home have your spouse or someone take something that has been on the baby (a hat, a blanket, booties, etc.) home and rub it on the dogs beds, and leave it there. this can help your dogs associate the smell of a new baby with something positive and comforting – like their bed!

Last but not least, never discourage your dog from being curious about baby, and never leave them unattended. In the beginning we would carefully watch our dogs with the baby and after a good interaction we would praise them (treats, or just lots of love) This being said, also never force an interaction between your dog and your baby, sometimes it takes a while for everyone to get used to the new dynamic even the dogs might need time and space.

I would love to hear about the positive interactions your little ones have with your dogs; hope you are having a great day wherever you are 🙂

Favorites for Babies Skin (and Mine)

Most new parents aren’t sure what to use for baby’s skin and there are so many options. I know that when we had our daughter we received many different bath and body items and still were not sure what to use! I am super conscious about the things that I use on myself, and it only got worse once I have our little one.

Our daughter is almost 8 months old now and for the entire time I was pregnant, and since she was born her and I both use Burt’s Bees products along with coconut oil. I loved the Mama Bees lotion for my belly during pregnancy, I felt good using it because it was almost all natural, affordable and super hydrating. The only thing I did not like was the scent, but I was overly sensitive to smells – as most women are when pregnant! My nightly routine was cover my entire body with coconut oil, let it soak in for a few minutes, then cover my entire body with Mama Bees lotion. I do think that part of the battle against stretch marks is keeping your skin moisturized, but it is also genetic! That being said, if you get them (I have them, just not from pregnancy) be proud of them, you created a human. 🙂

For my little one, we do essentially the same thing, coconut oil, then Burt’s Bees Baby. If you are in warmer climates this may seem like over kill, but we are in Colorado with 0% humidity so we all need it! I also wanted to mention that I have eczema and the combination of Burt’s Bees and coconut oil really helps.

Find Mama Bee here

Baby Bees Shampoo and Wash here

Baby Bees Lotion here

and Virgin coconut oil here  (love this brand as well! I will have a blog post soon about all the things I use coconut oil for.)

I would love to her your favorite lotions and bath time products for you and baby – hope you are having a great day wherever you are!



Mama-Hood Monday Vol 4



During this time of year it is everyone’s priority to try to not get sick, but when you are a new parent even more so! not only do you have this little person depending on you, but what if they get sick? Well in that case, you are in for a lot of learning experiences! (trying to keep it positive here! 🙂 )

Our daughter got her first cold when she was around 3 months and it was really hard. The most difficult part for me was not being able to communicate and tell her she is okay and will feel better soon – but fear not, like all unpleasant things, this too shall pass! In order to help all parents out there with a sick little one I thought I would share the things that helped our family feel better and get over being sick.

(please keep in mind these are things that helped us and I am no doctor, please don’t hesitate to contact yours with questions. There are no dumb questions, especially when it is regarding the health of your children!)


  1. Oil Defuser – We own two of these and they are wonderful! they also have a light that goes through all the colors and is super relaxing
  2. Eucalyptus oil to defuse – I purchased this set of oils as a stocking stuffer for my husband. Super affordable and includes the most popular oils, great for someone who is starting out with defusing.
  3. Vick’s VapoRub – We bought this as an obvious choice, but it honestly does help.  I will actually put it on the bottom of my feet as well as my daughters and put socks on before going to bed. I think this works even better than putting it on your chest.
  4. Dr Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer – Ordered a two pack of these and I LOVE them! I am not a fan of regular hand sanitizer as I hate how dry it makes my hands, but this stuff does not have that effect of my skin and it smells so good.
  5. Teething Toy Cow – Found this little lady on super clearance at the grocery store and Ro loves it! Sometimes toys can be a great distraction for sick babies, especially when they squeak like this one!
  6. Nasal aspirator – You can find them here, at the grocery store or even at the dollar store. Babies can’t blow their noses so as a parent you get the wonderful task of sucking it out. (I know you are jumping for joy after reading that…) As gross as it can be, it is much-needed relief for your little one.
  7. Car Ride – This might sound a little crazy, but when our daughter first got sick she would sleep of an hour or so then wake up screaming because she felt so bad. My amazing husband had a wonderful idea of taking her for a car ride to see if she would sleep longer and she did! A little over 3 hours (this does not sound like much but belive me when I say that 3 hours is a gift from the gods when you have been up all night with a screaming child.)

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for comforting baby when sick in the comments below. I hope you are having a great day wherever you are.