Fall Activities – Date Night or Family

I am sure by now you are tired of hearing that Fall is my favorite season but it really is! There is just something about it that makes my heart happy (and even more so with a little one!) Even though this time of year until the new year our calendar really fills up I still try to pack as many fun Fall activities in before the weather turns too cold. Here are a few of my favorites…


– Visit a Pumpkin Patch : usually pumpkin patches have games and activities as well as a very wide verity of pumpkins so it is definitely a few hours of entertainment for the family

– Carve a Pumpkin : a tradition that most people have but still fun to do as a family especially when the kids can start to design their own faces (I remember this from when I was little)

– Pick Seasonal Fruit then cook with it : I have never actually done this but I have always wanted too! Maybe next year (When Rosie is bigger) we can go apple picking and then make homemade apple pie with grandma! (She makes the best pie crusts!)

– Explore your local events – This year we went to Pumpkin Nights and it was awesome! And they even encourage costumes so all the kids were having a blast -definitely recommended

– Take a hay ride : supper cliche but still fun!

Date Nights

– Make a Bonfire and have Spiked cider (or a drink of your choice) – I love to sit outside in the fall. The world is changing and it seems to be quieting down for winter. What is better than nature, your BOO thang 😝 and a delicious beverage!

– Watch a black and white horror film : I love old movies and they are even better when they are seasonal. If you have never seen Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder you have got to watch it! One of the best movies ever!

^Rosie is all about holding mugs 😝

– Go For a Drive : if you are in Colorado like me then this best time to do this has passed as the leaves in the mountains turn really quickly, but it town they are still stunning and definitely worth a drive

– Plan a Game Night : Sometimes enjoying a night without technology is just what you need. We love to plan game nights with hot toddy’s or coco; it really sets the mood for fall and is a great way to spread quality time with your spouse.

What are some of the things you like to do in the Fall with your family or SO?

Talk to you soon!


MamaHood Monday : Self Support for Mom Guilt

As much as I wish I could say that mom guilt is not a thing it most definitely is and it sucks. Most everything in life becomes a double edged sword where you are always nagging yourself for something you could have done differently or just better. Well there is hope! The way today talk to yourself has a profound impact on all things you do including being a mom and how satisfied you are with your mom-ing at the end of the day. I wanted to share a few things I will tell myself when I need a little extra support that usually bring me back down to earth.

1. “Do a days work in a day” you night have heard this in a work setting, but I think it applies to all areas in life. There is no way in hell that I am going to get everything done in one day that I want to – I am only one person and the housework is not going anywhere (sadly) so make priorities and try to stay productive throughout the week – it is amazing what a few minutes here and there can do!

2. “Everyone struggles as a parent, don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle” in the world we live in is it so easy to start comparing your life to others and I am sure you have seen those parents that look like they have it all together. Well, newsflash! They don’t, some people are just better actors than others

3. “Quality time can sometimes be greater than quantity” As a working mom this is something I have to remind myself of a lot. 2-3 solid hours of being together at night and paying full attention to each other is what counts. (And this is also my favorite part of the day) this means I am not on my phone or a computer and I am usually down on the floor with her playing – unless we are eating dinner of course

4. “No one can love your baby like you can” I will be the first to admit that sometimes I do get envious of our daycare provider because she is able to be with Rosie so much. Although my rational mind reminds me that she is also with other children and I am sure she sometimes wants to pull out her hair my irrational mind feels guilty. But the truth is I am always going to be her mom, that no one will ever love her like I do and when we are together making that time count is what matters most

Do you have any tips or tricks for combating mom guilt?

Happy Monday


MamaHood Monday : Teething Favorites


Every new parent knows the struggle that it teething. Not only is it a unpleasant experience for your baby, but it really sucks being in a situation where not much comforts your little one. Well the good news is that in this day and age you are bound to find a product that works for you and your little love. Today I am sharing my top five favorites and a few tips that worked for us as well.

#1. Nuby RingΒ 

Rosalie loved this thing! so stimulating to hold and chew on and she loved the primary colors. It is also awesome to throw in the fridge for a few and once chilled is a good source of relief

2. Banana Toothbrush / Teether

At Rosie’s one year appointment the doctor suggested we start brushing her teeth, even if it was not with toothpaste. After hearing this I remembered that I received two of these bananas at my baby shower so they came out of the closet and got put to use. I love them because they not only brush her teeth, but she also uses them as teething relief and as a toy.

3. Latch PacifierΒ 

If you have been here for a while you know I love these pacifiers! They are my complete favorite and Rosie’s (when she does take a pacifier these are the only ones)


4. Nuby Teething Keys

These are a oldie but a goodie! My mom made me get these before Rosalie even started teething and I was so thankful that she did. You are able to cool it in the fridge or freezer and boy does it help. I also really like these keys because I can use a pacifier lanyard to clip them somewhere so there is no chance they will be thrown* on the ground.


5. Fresh Food Feeder

If you are not familiar with these I am sure it looks completely odd, but it is such a good idea! a way for your little one to enjoy large foods safely – For us it was all sorts of melon. I will definitely suggest cold watermelon (or any melon) if you have a baby teething around the summer. healthy food, and a cool relief on those little gums.


My last few tips for a teething baby is to first, have lots of patience – remember your little one is in pain so they are going to need you!

Sometimes a cold or frozen towel will do the trick – Rosie used to gnaw on all her blankets!

And finally, playing helps. Keeping their mind off of the discomfort makes it more enjoyable for all, and it may be a challenge to get them to sleep, but hopefully all that play wore them out enough that they will stay that way!

Hop you are having a great start to the week!


MamaHood Monday : Favorite Apps for Pregnancy and Motherhood

If you are anything like me the moment you decide you want to start trying for a baby you start to download all sort of apps. From ovulation trackers to breastfeeding schedules it can get intense, so I thought I would put together my favorite past and present applications to make your current or future life a bit more simple.

1. Ovia – This was the very first app I downloaded to help me figure out when I was ovulating. In my experience the app was very easy to use and gave me all the information I needed to know – what was happening with my body and my chances of getting pregnant throughout the month. (Free)

2. The Bump – when I did eventually get a positive pregnancy test I downloaded The Bump ASAP because I wanted to know every little thing that was happening for me and baby. I love this app because it stays up to date with you as you progress in your pregnancy and it also has brief articles on all things MamaHood! (Free)

3. MammaBaby – we downloaded this app while still in the hospital to keep track of feedings and continued to use it once we got home. Super simple set up, and also gives you the option to track diaper changes, growth and sleeping. (Free)

4. Sleepy Pillow – All new parents want their baby to fall asleep and stay asleep and getting that to happen successfully usually takes a routine. As a newborn each night we would have our routine and then I would choose music from the app to play for and hour (it had a timer you can set to turn off automatically!) this really helped Rosalie to know that it was night time sleeping and not daytime naps and she started to be able to comfortably fall asleep on her own. I also really love this app when I am having issues falling asleep. (Free)

5. Baby Stimulation – I only let Rosalie play on this rarely but as a distraction for a few minutes if I need to go into another room or complete a task it is great. Also is good for hand eye coordination. (This app is free for one “game” and is 1.99$ to unlock all features)

What are some awesome apps that you enjoy? Parent related or not? I love to hear suggestions – have a great Monday!


DIY : pallets into baby gates

I will be the first to admit that before I had my own little one I dreaded baby gates. Once I opened them it seemed impossible to put them back the way they were; and most of them (in my opinion) were an eye sore. So once I knew our days were numbered of having a stationary baby I started thinking about what I wanted to make, and I landed on baby gates made out of pallets!

The pictures I included below are a few steps I took along the way and I ended up making two gates, one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom.

This project was almost free as I scored the pallets at no cost from my brother in law and have most of the hardware, stains and tools needed except the latches, which are very affordable.

^ don’t mind my work shoes 😝

My biggest advice when making things is to always measure twice cute once!

When brain storming I just drew up the idea for my space and measured it to fit. I was able to make two gates out of one and a half pallets and I sanded everything extremely well in addition to staining and sealing it. I would definitely also suggest pre-drilling any holes as thinner wood has the tendency to crack and split

All and all I am happy with how they turned out, but they are still in need of some touch ups (whenever I have the time) One things I am excited for is to hang a wreath on the gate at the bottom of the stairs for Christmas – cheesy, I know πŸ˜…

What are your thoughts on this DIY? Hope you have a great Wednesday!


12 Things – Life and Myself Since Motherhood

The moment you take a pregnancy test and you see those two little lines your life is forever different. You always imagine the kind of parent you will be, but as with many things in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned – sometimes they are better!

Since Rosalie is turning one this week I have been thinking about all wonderful ways life has changed and I have changed since motherhood and also some of my favorite things about being a mom – read on 😁

1. Since having a baby I have so much love to give! Love for my own mother and family, love for my husband who helped me create this little babes, and TONS of love for my baby. (I have love before but it is different since having a baby of my own)

2. My growing support and respect for other moms and women. Let’s be real, women are the most resilient, amazing creatures on earth and when we support each other amazing things can happen.

3 My ever lasting patience – this is a bit of a joke, but my patience before and after baby are drastically different. Rosalie has helped me grow is so many aspects of life 😘

4. Appreciation of time – Sadly we are not in a position (yet) for me to stay at home with Rosalie so our time together is very precious. That being said I am now much more aware of how my time is spent

5. I always have someone to cuddle with 😍

6. I love watching her experience new things – especially food!

7. Since becoming a mom I have a whole new understanding of other parents and how they raise their children

8. I have a constant motivation to try harder at anything I do

9. Adore the fact that Jerrod and I are Rosalie’s while world right now – I love that I get to take care of her all day, everyday

10. Rosalie has given me the chance to see the world through another set of eyes and it never gets old

11. I am able to share things I loved as a child with her now – best feeling ever β™₯️

12. I love that being a mom is something I will never not be. I will always be Rosalie’s mother and she will always be my daughter

What is something you love about being a parent? Or something that you are really looking forward to? Also apologies for the lack of posts last week! It was Rosalie’s first birthday party this past Saturday so I was very busy – happy Monday


MamaHood Monday – 12 Favorite things

Raising a human is the most difficult and amazing job in the world. To choose only 12 things I love about my little one was hard to do because even when I feel like I am loosing it I still love every moment! Read on to hear 12 things I love about my Rosie Bug 😍

1. Her laughter! Nothing is better in the whole entire world!

2. Her chit chat, excitement and intense enthusiasm for things

3. Her reaction to seeing her daddy – such a big smile that she reserves just for him – my heart melts a little everything I get to see it

4. The way she sleeps with her butt in the air – I guess I did this as a child as well, but it just cracks me up.

5. Her happiness every morning – she is such a happy child and wakes up everyday smiling and ready to play (but like all of us she does have some bad days)

6. The way she loves her fur brothers – now that she is mobile she is fascinated with the dogs, and she laughs at them all the time.

7. The way she sneaks food to the dogs – you can’t get the dogs to leave her alone when she is eating, and over the past week she tries to sneak them food. The dogs are so gentle with her it is sweet

8. The way she falls asleep with me on the weekend mornings

– like any normal person we don’t like to get up early on the weekends but Rosie is used to it. So if she wakes up around our normal time, I will get her a fresh diaper and then it is time to cuddle and snooze with momma for a hour or two. A little slice of heaven

9. Her love of reading – we have read before going to bed for almost every night since she was born. She loves the books and I get extra snuggle time – win win!

10. The way she initiates Pick a boo and never gets tired of it – now that she is able to grab a blanket and start the game it is a while new level of fun!

11. The way she stretches! She straightens her legs and pushes out her belly – cutest thing ever!

12. Her willingness to try anything – Rosalie is a cool customer and rarely dislikes anything that she tries. This can be food or and activity – she just wants to be where the action is

I cannot believe that she will be one in a little over a week, time moves so differently when you are a parent! I am sure by the time her birthday arrives this list will be completely different

Happy Monday,