5 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Sometimes it can be so hard to decide what to be for Halloween, but then once you decide you have to get all the parts of your costume, or make things and it can become a pain. Especially when you work full time and have a family and the world is already going a million miles a minute! Well I am here to help with 5 simple costume ideas that will (hopefully) only needs items you already own – read on for some costume inspo!

  1. Rosie the Riveter


Everyone knows this lady, with her determined expression and red bandanna she is ready to conquer the world. All you need for this costume is a navy blue or denim shirt with sleeves that can be rolled up and a red bandanna. and of course some red lipstick!

2. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This costume may require a little more work, but a black dress with some black gloves and up-do and some major jewelry there will be no mistaking who you are

3. Lucille Balllucille-ball-9196958-3-402

If you have longer hair I would suggest looking up a tutorial on how to do a poodle hair style, some red lips and any retro style clothing would do the trick – also yelling about Ricky a lot would be a dead giveaway, lol

4. Stevie Nicks00-tout-stevie-nicks-boho

The original white witch! The hardest part of this costume would be the top hat but luckily most costume stores carry them at a reasonable price.

5. Frida Kahlo


Almost anything will do for this costume as the flowers, hairstyle and famous brows make it recognizable. Awesome costume and a way to pay tribute to a awesome woman!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Happy Wednesday


Tips for shopping at the Goodwill Outlet

We are taking thrifting to a while other level today – I am talking about Goodwill outlets. Now if you have no idea what I am talking about, worry not my friend, I am here to guide the way. The outlets look like the photo above and are just bins full of items. Some products have set prices, like books are $.58 a piece, then clothing shoes and bags are sold by the pound (I am not sure the exact price, but my guess is around $1.15 a pound) I know what you are thinking after reading that – “where is a outlet near me!?” Well, be sure to continuing reading for my tips before rushing out the door! 😜

first and foremost wear gloves! This sounds overly dramatic but a little bit of everything is in those bins (sometimes including broken items that can cut you) safely first, and don’t worry, most people do this so you won’t stick out

Get a cart even if you don’t think you will need it. Listen, at a place where you pay for things by the pound it is easy to get carried away and your arms will thank you for the forethought.

Grab it when you see it. This applies to anything you are even remotely interested in (especially lone shoes) you can always assess your finds and put things back, but good luck ever finding the exact item again!

Listen to the people that work there. Again, a obvious thing to mention, but it gets serious when they are changing out the bins, they move fast and are heavy so be alert.

Keep your -negative- opinions to yourself. Some people shop there for necessity and others for enjoyment so regardless of what your personal opinion is on items keep it to yourself.

Have fun! Shopping at the Goodwill outlet can be a inexpensive and fun thing to do with your time if you don’t take it or yourself too seriously – it’s just stuff after all!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a haul of the items I have found at the outlet? And have you ever been?


DIY BOHO basket with tassels

I am totally in a basket phase right now where I just can’t get enough! I am always looking for ways to store things especially now that Ro is getting older and there are lots of toys! This basket DIY is super simple and gives a old basket new life (with only spending a few bucks!)

For this DIY you will need




-spray paint (I used a dark metallic brown)

-hot glue gun

– scissors

This is my basket after a few coats of spray paint. I actually got this from my mom and one of the handles was broken and it was originally a light brown. Not a bad basket to begin with but a bit dated.

I first started with wrapping the handles then began to go around the rim. This can be tricky because the weaving is different heights so take your time and use your hot glue gun to hold everything in place.

Next I just continued around the edge until I had an even wrap job. I decided to also add a small amount of white rope an inch or so below and also down at the bottom. Then I liked the look of adding twine for more texture. I also wanted to add some tassels because why not! I have included photo instructions at the very end of this post on how to easily create you own.

Above is the finished project – pretty awesome right! Currently it houses all of Ro’s toys in our living room, but I am sure it will make rounds. See below for how to make a simple tassel.

Voila! So simple – what are some other DIY’s you guys want to see? Hope you are having a great day wherever you are


Currently Loving : Mantle Decor



I have a love affair with home decor. I could do home decorating, look at it, watch shows about it and never get sick of it. I am constantly rearranging our house, because why not? Our current mantle decor I am in love with so I. Thought I would share some photos, and also share some major #MantleGoal photos I found on Pinterest. Above is our mantle, below is some inspiration. I have linked items on our mantle (or very similar ones) at the very bottom of this post as well as my Pinterest – Happy Decorating!

Fake Palm Leaves<a href="http://Fake Faux Artificial Tropical Palm Leaves for Home Kitchen Party Decorations or Handcrafts 18 Counts by ZXSWEET” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> here

Vase and Gold Shelf thrifted 

Letter board thrifted(brand new!) similar<a href="http://Changeable Letter Board Dark Grey Felt 10×10 Inches. Changeable Wooden Message Board Sign. White Vintage Letter Board With Large and Small Letter Sets. Distressed Wood Frame” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> here 

Skull Michael’s Halloween Clearance, similar <a href="http://custom & Unique {3.2″ Inch} 1 Single, Small Home & Garden “Standing” Figurine Decoration Made of Grade A Resin w/ Small Gothic Human Skull Style {Bronze Color}” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here

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Home Decor : Macrame Everything!

Being a kid I often heard about my mom and dad’s projects creating macrame in the 60’s and 70’s and how awesome some of them turned out – sadly before I was born they were donated (I am crying softly as I write this) but the love of Macrame was definitely passed down to my sister and I and my mom still has her 1970’s Macrame instruction book so I guess that is the silver lining? Fingers crossed I will get around to making one of my own someday! 😉

As I am sure you have noticed Macrame is all over the entire internet and has definitely made it’s comeback. You do always have the option to create your own or buy new, but I personally love looking at the thrift store as you can find some really intricate patterns for dollars!

As you can tell I am totally in love with Macrame, in trend or not, I dig it! It truly gives such texture and interest to a space. What are your thoughts, love it or leave it?

Hope you are having a great day wherever you are 🙂

All images via Pinterest


Home Decor on a Budget : Thrift Store Finds

I am a true lover of what my family calls “home shopping” in short This is basically when you change around all the junk you already have… 😉 I do get bored with the way things look around our house so I like to have different artwork or decor to change out. As we all know artwork can be so expensive! And as much as I love certain pieces at this point in my life I can not justify that kind of investment; so off to the thrift store I go 🙂

As with anything thrift store related it takes time to build a collection that you love so don’t rush yourself and also remember to see the potential in pieces. Like the crane painting in the nursery – it had a horrible cheap yellowing frame, but I just could not get over the painting so I bought it for a whopping 3$ and spray painted the frame. Now it looks like such custom artwork and I get compliments on it all the time. Also the first picture of the couple kissing was just a poster that I put into a mat and frame. The sconces on either side of it are also from the thrift store originally from Crate and Barrel with the tags still on them!

I am not ashamed to say that most of our artwork and home decor items are thrifted. I love to get inspiration from the “big box stores” (target, ikea, etc.) but I don’t like having the same things as everyone else. So when I am out and about I do take a lot of photos for inspiration in thrifting, crafts, or whatever else!

What are your go to places for unique items?

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!



If you are anything like me you have a true love for doilies and vintage linens. Growing up my mom always had a long doily on my dresser, and still sometimes has them out for different things. (that is probably were I get it from!) I thought of this idea when I saw all these different doilies at the thrift store. I always love all the different patters and colors, but since 2018 is the year of the purge I force myself to leave them behind unless I know exactly what I am using them for; and lucky me I thought of something!

Supplies needed:

-Doilies (I used around 12 and spent around 10 dollars for all my doilies. I also ended up cutting one in half

-Heat seaming (I used this)


-old towel (to place under your project so you don’t ruin your ironing board cover)

-Iron (also water for steam)


As you can tell all my doilies are different shapes sizes and colors, I preferred it this way, but you can always stick to one shape or size – that is the great thing about do it yourself it is whatever you want!


Next I did move the doilies around until I came up with a pattern that I liked. IMG_3973

Then i started “gluing” the doilies together with the heat stitch (make sure to have your old towel underneath!) IMG_3974

Make sure to read the label carefully as some heat stitch products do not need steam.IMG_3977

Let all the heat stitch cool and then lay it out and enjoy! (a little bit of a odd angle, but you get the idea 🙂 )


best salt and pepper shakers ever! They can be found a Target, the tray and milk glass are thrifted, and the plant is from Wal-Mart found on clearance IMG_3982

Let me know what you think of this DIY and also if you want more DIY posts.

I have you are having a great day wherever you are!